Panerai Luminor Base Logo Men’s Hand-Wound Watch: Review

The Luminor Base Logo Men’s Hand Wound Watch by Panerai is an excellently made casual and dress watch for men who want a solid, classy, and old school charm for the modern world. This Stainless Steel watch has a beautiful black dial that stands out against the shining bezel. At 15.84 ounces in weight, this wrist watch has a nice weight to it without being too heavy.

This watch is special in that it goes against the grain of other luxury time pieces. It uses a different movement, different strap options than typically used, movement details a cut above the rest, materials that are not your basic precious metals, and it offers superior features that protect this wrist watch in ways other luxury pieces do not.

Brand: Panerai
Type: Luminor Base Logo Men’s Hand Wound Watch
Model: PAM00000




This Panerai features a 44mm case with an excellent case thickness of 14.50mm for protection. With a round, traditional face and Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9, this classic style watch practically shines with quality.

The Sapphire crystal used for the dial window offers that clear and elegant shine that lesser wrist watches simply cannot duplicate.

Made from a durable Stainless Steel, the case is tough and can withstand daily wear. The matching Stainless Steel bezel is fixed, outlining the black dial with an attractive ever-so-slightly beveled edge. This wrist watch almost has an aviator style to it with the winding button at 3 o’clock featuring its own protective, Stainless Steel edging so that the button is encased vertically.

This luxury watch is designed as a dress watch and wrist watch for every day, casual use for the affluent or watch aficionado.

This hand wound luxury watch has that touch of old school time keeping, with a hand wound movement rather than an Automatic or Quartz of other mainstream time pieces. With its analog display and indices marked in white, the time is easily red against the black elegance of the dial.

The band can be made of a variety of materials that Panerai is known for, including Alligator, Buffalo, Calf, and Caoutchouc—an elastic material found from the latex sap of trees of the Hevea and Ficus.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Movement Type: Hand Wound Mechanical
  • Movement Materials: Exclusive Panerai OP I caliber, 16 ½ lignes, 17 jewels, Glucydur balance, 21,600 alternations an hour, Incabloc anti-shock device
  • Power Reserve: 56 Hours
  • Origin: Imported from Florence, Italy
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Dial Window Material Type: Sapphire Crystal formed of corundum
  • Arabic Numerals with White Markers and Indices
  • Luminous numerals and indices/markers
  • Bezel: Fixed
  • Bezel Material: Polished Steel
  • Weight: 15.84 ounces
  • Band Material Options: Alligator, Buffalo, Calf, and Caoutchouc
  • Backing: Screw; Steel and engraved with OP logo
  • Water Resistance: 300 meters / 30 Bar (unit of pressure used frequently in Europe) equal to 435.113 PSI.



This Luminor Hand Wound Men’s Panerai uses a hand wound movement as its power source. Perfect for men who prefer to pass up modern Automatic movements, Quartz movements, and solar powered panels, this simple and old school classic has the beauty and class of a timeless wrist watch of the modern era.

While this time piece has a power reserve of nearly 56 hours, this movement may need to be hand wound every day for accurate time keeping.

The Good

Using the best of the best materials, Panerai succeeded in heightening the luxury factor. This time piece includes: a polished steel bezel,  Panerai’s exclusive OP I caliber movement, 17 jewels and 16 ½ lignes utilized in the construction of the movement, a power reserve of 56 hours, Incabloc anti-shock device, Glucydur balance, a strong Stainless Steel alloy case, Sapphire crystal dial window formed of corundum, water resistance of 300 meters, exotic strap options, and luminous Arabic numerals and indices/markers. T

his elegant time piece contains luxury quality materials and features that are seldom found on even the luxury watch market.

At a comfortable and elegant 44cm diameter, this watch is perfect on the wrist of any man for dress wear or casual, daily wear.

The Bad

One aspect to this Panerai is a design flaw that is auditory rather than an aesthetic or tactile problem. The movement of the watch (the ticking) is said to be pretty loud. Some users state that even in an office space, the ticking can be heard and is distracting.

However, this is a matter of preference and personal hearing abilities. It has not been known to bother the majority of those who have purchased this Panerai Luminor Base Logo, but for some, it is a deal breaker.

I would suggest trying on this watch in person prior to purchasing it, if possible. If this is not possible, purchase this wrist watch from an establishment or retailer where they have a warranty or return policy just in case.

Another aspect some potential buyers may find negative is the hand wound movement—the wrist watch must be wound by hand each day for accurate time keeping. Some individuals may find this to be an inconvenience, so take this into consideration prior to purchasing.





The highlights of this time piece are definitely the materials used. Even in luxury watches, some of the materials used in the construction and band are not commonly seen on the market. This Italian company uses only the finest materials for their straps, including Calf, Alligator, Buffalo, and Caoutchouc.

While Sapphire crystal is common in luxury watches as a dial window, the Stainless Steel alloy construction and shining brushed steel of the bezel is more than your typical design. The OP I calibre is an exclusive Panerai movement construction and is enviable. With excellent water resistance that is well above average as well as luminous dials, you may think that the features end here.

However, the movement is protected further with an Incabloc anti-shock device, Glucydur balance, and the best interior materials.


The tactile functionality of this time piece is excellent. The brushed steel, stationary bezel shines, and the winding button is easy to wind in order to set the time. With a smooth Sapphire crystal formed of corundum as the material protecting the dial, this watch does an excellent job of remaining simple and classic. This makes it excellent for daily, casual wear as well as dress wear.

The functioning of the movement is perfect as well. With a power reserve of 56 hours, you can wind your watch at greater intervals than the 24 hour period cited. For those who love hand wound movements that call back to a more simple time, as well as a time piece that shines with top-notch luxury, this wrist watch by Panerai is the best of both worlds and made for the modern man.



Panerai is known for their luxury time pieces and quality craftsmanship, straight from Florence, Italy beginning in the late 1800s. This Panerai Luminor Base Logo hand wound wrist watch will cost you just under five thousand dollars on Amazon.


Overall Impression

The overall impression of this time piece is that it is a classic style, classic movement, and a traditional wrist watch that brings all of these elements into the modern age. The sleek style of the Stainless Steel with an elegant black dial and white indices shows off the luxury that Panerai offers wrist watch lovers.

The Stainless Steel is very reliable, as Panerai watches were originally created for the Italian Navy—austenitic Stainless Steel was used for the resistance it offered to extreme environments. Panerai used AISI 316L, an austenitic Stainless Steel allo with a chromium content of sixteen to eighteen percent, eleven to fourteen percent nickel, and two to three percent molybdenum. They now use a low-carbon variant of this alloy which improves welding quality, making a lesser thickness possible to keep the weight down.

Rating Comments

While the ticking can be a bit loud for some individuals, it does not seem to bother other wearers-in fact, some like the mechanical sound. In addition, having to hand wind the watch every day may be a hassle to some looking for a watch that is more maintenance-free.

However, there are a significant level of positive features that this Luminor contains that outweighs these small preference issues.

Overall, with the extravagant materials and exotic straps offered, it is clear that Panerai time pieces are created to very high standards of luxury quality.