Jewelry Trends Fall 2011

Retro Revival Jewelry Trend Fall 2011 - aw11 Jewellery trends   RETRO REVIVAL

70s glamour girls in jewel tone silks and the colour block mod squad launch a revival where bright plastic beads jostle with muted jewels and grids and waist belts hint at an iconic age revisited.

Key Accessories

Choker beads
Doorknocker earrings
Lucite lookalikes
Pendulum bead strands
Bead hoops

Animal Delights Jewelry Trend Fall 2011 - AW 2011 Jewellery Trends   ANIMAL KINGDOM

A menagerie of fairytale frog princes, fiery foxes, slithering snakes, jagged jawed wolves and glistening fish make this season a fairytale-like fantasy inspired by an animal zoo.

Key Accessories

Fishscale earrings
Animal brooch
Jewelled/enamel cocktail ring
Animal head casts
Cutesy pendants

Tough Luxe /Fetish Jewelry Trend AW 2011 fall jewelry trend 2011   TOUGH LUXE

Boy meets girl edginess where lace-up corsets and fashion hardware have the urban siren all chained up. Studs, spikes and leather are all buckled and ready to ride.

Key Accessories

Studs and Buckles
Ammunition pendants
Chain choker
Jewellery Wear

Baroque Palace/ Rococco Jewelry Trend Autumn/Winter 2011   BAROQUE PALACE

The opulence of the Rococo with gilt-dipped botanics and lavish curlicues tantalise the season with lashings of glistening gold and palatial grandeur.

Key Accesories

Gold rose jewels
Stylised cuffs
Cabochon gems
Jet black

Fashion Geometry Jewelry Trend Fall 2011 Jewellery Trend AW 2011 FASHION GEOMETRY

Jewelled stars transport us into a universe of dazzling delights whilst polka dots, hexagons and polygons suggest that for fashion and jewellery, shapes rock our world.

Key Accessories

Statement earrings
Metallic necklaces
Star stacks
Cut-out cuffs

Granny Chic Jewelry Trend Fall 2011/ Jewellery Trend aw 2011   QUILTED CHIC

Heritage hails granny as cool. Highland tweeds, crocheted knits, shopping trolleys and grey rinse bouffants elevate twin set and pearls to must-have style status.

Key Accessories

Pearl chokers
Single drop earrings
Patchwork jewels
Layered pearls
Heritage finds

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