Chaumet: A Liens jewel for all seasons

The easy’X’ theme, the universal emblem of eternal attachment which saw the light of day from the 1970s, goes from strength to strength. Now, Liens finds new life in four variants published in Paris this year.

The Liens by Chaumet was made to capture the love between Napoleon and Joséphine. Ever since that time, the’X’ theme was translated in a multitude of ways. And the story continues on and on because the fluid simplicity of Liens gets the capability to speak through generations.

Tantalisingly lively, the most recent addition to the Liens household is your Liens Séduction, above. The deceptively simple layouts exploit the energy of this proposal of a loosely attached ribbon. Gradually grazing skin, two groups of gold sweep round to unite into a knot which, together with the slightest tug, will unravel to show a new level of familiarity. Innocent yet insolent, Liens Séduction catches the frisson of those matches of love.

Conceived from pure love, Liens Évidence, under, faithfully evokes the blank lines of the first 1970s design. Here, the ring of a golden ring is closed with a diamond-set connection, unity eloquently expressed from valuable substances. As easy and successful as the worlds’I love you’,’ Liens Évidence speaks right to the heart.

Liens d’Amour, under, captures the extreme emotions of love in solitaire-style rings set with vibrant color diamonds. A ribbon of diamonds set in white gold encircles deep red tourmalines, vibrant royal topaz, authentic blue sapphires or vibrant green emeralds to list some of many diamonds chosen by Chaumet’s gemmologists. Romantic and happy, the glowing colours of these stones remind us of this confidence of young love as two souls become one.

Jeux de Liens, under, is similar to a grin, a spontaneous sharing of pleasure between two individuals. Unpretentious and simple, the Jeux de Liens stones spread pleasure with their richly curved edges and vivid splashes of color. Made to be talented, they give themselves to becoming a luxury pile of friendship bracelets, one memento of a summertime love plus a reminder of a father’s love for his daughter. Therefore, if you’re thinking about a present for a loved one, Chaumet’s Liens stones speak volumes, for the eternity.