Piaget Polo Watch, G0A38029: Review of Exceptional Series Ladies Timepiece

Piaget has been known as a luxury watchmaker that has created some of the greatest masterpieces one can tell the time with. With the art of timekeeping and the heavy influence of luxury jewelry, the truly exceptional Piaget Polo Watch is an amazing example of Piaget’s powerful expertise.  

Every Piaget luxury watch is individually produced for the wearer and is individual and unique in its own way. However, you can be rest assured that your Piaget Polo will feature every single diamond in the bet gem setting, surrounded by the finest quality materials on Earth.


Brand: Piaget
Type: Polo Watch
Model: G0A38029


This Piaget may come as a shock to most who view it. Such a timepiece that has been iced out to such an extent is rare and nearly overwhelming. This 29mm 18K White Gold and Diamond timepiece has one simple function: keeping the hour and the minute — however, the way in which it does so is with an over-the-top glamour not seen to this extent for some time.

This timepiece cannot be compared to other luxury watches we have reviewed thus far; even the diamond-studded watches in our recent 5 Stunning Ladies Luxury Timepieces. As a part of the Exceptional Pieces series from Piaget, this ladies timepiece is pure ice.

Beneath the shimmering of the diamonds, this timepiece retains the legendary design of the Piaget Polo with a superlative luxury and a dash of complete audacity: the very signature of the Piaget luxury brand.


Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Case Size: 29mm
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Movement: Piaget 857P Quartz Movement
  • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Case Material: 18K White Gold set with Diamonds
  • Case Thickness: 8mm
  • Diamonds: 291 brilliant-cut (1.1 ct), 72 baguette-cut and trapeze-cut diamonds (4.7 ct)
  • Dial: Set with 54 trapeze-cut diamonds (3.0 ct)
  • Dial Finishing: Gem Set
  • Dial Hands: Solid 18K White Gold
  • Crown: Set with brilliant-cut diamond (0.1 ct)
  • Bracelet Material: 18K White Gold set with 345 brilliant-cut diamonds (17.8 ct)
  • Strap Buckle: Integrated Clasp
  • Gender: Ladies
  • Waterproofing: 3 ATM / 30 meters / 99 feet
  • Swiss

Power Source

This 29mm 18K White Gold and Diamond-studded Piaget Polo Watch utilizes a Piaget 857P Quartz Movement for its power source.


The Good

The Piaget Polo Watch’s fusion of timekeeping and gemstone icing makes this timepiece nearly one of a kind. Rarely has a wrist watch been adorned with such luxury and hundreds upon hundreds of beautifully set diamonds.

The workmanship that goes into each made-to-order timepiece is simply unbelievable and is perfect for someone who desires the very best in sophisticated, iced out luxury watches.

Constructed of 18K White Gold and adorned with 291 brilliant-cut (case), 72 baguette and trapeze-cut, 54 trapeze-cut (dial), and 345 brilliant-cut (bracelet) diamonds, this watch is pure luxury.


With a solid 18K White Gold dial hand set that complements the high quality 29mm case material, not one single millimeter of this timepiece is untouched by diamond or gold. There are no hour markers, no luminous features, and no calendar window — this timepiece keeps basic time but the

There are so many diamonds, it is difficult to point out features such as the bezel. The bezel peeks through mainly as a functional aspect of this watch. Combined with concentric 18K White Gold circles around the area of the bezel and inwards towards the hands, the 18K White Gold is present to set the diamonds above all else.

When you look at this Piaget Polo, all you see are the 18K White Gold hands and the hundreds of brilliantly cut diamonds from crown to dial to bracelet.

The Bad

While the Piaget 857P Quartz Movement is magnificent, a timepiece that is carrying hundreds upon hundreds of diamonds would be best suited with a perpetual or automatic movement. With a 29mm case, it may be difficult but by no means impossible. Since this timepiece has one feature: hour and minute timekeeping, such a movement would not have been outside of the realm of possibility for Piaget. Especially for a timepiece that retails for $880,000.


Not only does this Piaget blind you with luxury, but it does function as a timepiece should. With its Piaget Quartz Movement, 30 meter / 99 feet (3 ATM) water resistance, and scratch resistant Sapphire crystal protecting the dial’s paved diamonds, this ladies 29mm Polo Watch functions with grace and longevity.



It would be impossible to choose a highlight other than diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. The manner in which each diamond is cut, paved, set, and adorned on this Polo Watch does a great honor to Piaget’s Exceptional Pieces series. The more you look at this 18K White Gold and genuine diamond timepiece, the more you will fall in love with its elegant design and sheer luxury. From crown to clasp, this Piaget is an absolute gem.



A timepiece of this caliber is priced upon request directly from Piaget, but I can tell you it does retail for $880,000.

You can purchase this model online as opposed to having it built upon request, but make sure that the buyer or retailer is extremely trustworthy before making such a purchase.

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