Luxury Brand Patek Philippe Men’s 37mm Minute Repeater Mechanical White Gold Watch Review


Patek Philippe is the almighty ultra-luxury brand that is known by every human who knows anything about Swiss luxury timepiece. This is a manufacturer that has powered through time  to build their reputation and maintain their track record as one of the best watchmakers in history.

Brand: Patek Philippe
Type: Minute Repeater 37mm Men’s Mechanical White Gold Watch
Model: 5016G


Patek Philippe’s 37mm Minute Repeater Men’s Mechanical White Gold Watch is a stunning reminder of the ultra-luxury artistry and engineering that goes into making some of the world’s best quality timepieces.

With stunning complications and dial features, this mechanical timepiece has the best calibre movement, the most advanced engineering in its design, and a construction that is ultra-luxury.This Minute Repeater (5016G) model features a gorgeous, round 37mm case made from solid 18K White Gold. White Dial Model

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Case Size: 37mm
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Movement: Mechanical, Manual Winding Automatic
  • Calibre: Patek Philippe R 27 PS QR
  • Parts: 506
  • Minute Repeater Complication
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Case Material: 18K White Gold
  • Case Backing: Transparent Sapphire Crystal
  • Dial Type: Analog
  • Dial Color: Black or White (links to both dial colors at the end of this review)
  • Dial Features: Arabic Numerals, Tourbillon, White Gold Hands and Subdial Hands, Multiple Calendar Date Windows, Perpetual Calendar with Retrograde Date Hand, Moon Phase Display, Small Seconds, Day, Date, Month, and Leap Year Indicators
  • Bezel: Fixed
  • Bezel Material: 18K White Gold
  • Band Type: Strap
  • Band Material: Crocodile / Alligator Leather
  • Band Color: Black
  • Clasp: Tang
  • Power Reserve: 48 hours
  • Water Resistance: 65 meters / 214 feet
Black Dial Model

Power Source

The 37mm, 18K White Gold case houses an exquisite automatic calibre R 27 PS QR, which is made in-house by Patek Philippe. With a power reserve of approximately 48 hours, this manual winding movement is extremely high quality — when you consider the addition of a minute repeater complication, a tourbillon, and the range of additional complications that reside within the stunning black dial, it is clear that this sleek 37mm case has been uniquely crafted to fit all of these high-precision functions.

Patek Philippe Calibre
Patek Philippe Calibre R 27 PS QR

The Good

Since our readers probably wouldn’t appreciate us saying what is true (that everything about this timepiece is good) and leave it at that, we’ll try to illustrate the details of this fine ultra-luxury Patek a bit further.

First off, let’s talk about the design. Gold, Gold, everywhere. Constructed of solid 18K White Gold, the 37mm case is just perfect. Polished and gorgeous, this luxury watch maintains its masculine richness in dimension and design. The similarly polished 18K White Gold fixed bezel offers the perfect circular ring around the main attraction — the dial.


We have included photos for both the White and Black dial models in this review, since we simply couldn’t decide which one we loved more. Regardless of your own choice, it’s simple — the white dial utilizes black stylized Arabic numerals for the inner-concentric calendar on the dial. The main hour positions use 18K White Gold stylized Arabic numerals which stand in complement to the casing.The black dial option obviously inverts the color theme and uses white stylized Arabic numerals for the perpetual calendar and markings on the dial, while the rest remains in 18K White Gold. They match the three main dial hands (hour, minute, and second), as well as the subdial hand, which are also 18K White Gold.

Complete with a Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar with a Retrograde Date Hand, Small Seconds, the Moon Phase, a Minute Repeater, and multiple calendar windows that indicate the leap year, the month, the day of the week, and more — this timepiece from the Grand Complications series certainly lives up to its name.

The Bad

This ultra-luxury timepiece has no obvious flaws or shortcomings. On the contrary, the Patek Philippe Minute Repeater (5016G) is a masterclass in watchmaking from this fine Swiss manufacturer.


From the minute repeater (details below); the perpetual calendar with a retrograde date hand; a moon phase display; a tourbillon at 6 o’clock; a range of calendar windows; the hour, day, minute, and seconds; as well as small seconds and a leap year indicator — this 5016G model has all of the functions one could imagine wanting, and more.

The automatic mechanical, manual wind movement is exceptional and perfect for quality precision timekeeping. With a 48 hour power reserve (which is very decent for a manual wind timepiece), this watch will always run with precision in every display and complication.patek_image.2887473

It also has a water resistance of 65 meters (214 feet), which, as a rather odd number for water resistance (water resistance is typically 10 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, and so forth) leads me to believe that Patek Philippe went above and beyond in order to improve on the 50 meter resistance they reached and they opted to give this timepiece the best resistance to water as they could.

Overall, the functionality of the 5016G model is beyond reproach. There are no mistakes in a timepiece like this. As an ultra-luxury watch, you are guaranteed the best in this model and you will get it. Patek Philippe has a great knack for making watch dials with multiple complications on them look simple and easy to read. This is a huge asset since this model has a grand array of complications that you do not typically find in luxury watches.

The Highlights

It is difficult to point out particular highlights of this timepiece, since all components, materials, and design features are genuinely world-class. However, we’ll give it a try anyways.

First off, the use of 18K White Gold was the perfect choice for this timepiece. In this solid luxury housing sits a calibre Patek Philippe R 27 PS QR engine. This amazing powerhouse is able to power the unique collection of timekeeping and complications in this timepiece.


As we stated in the “functionality” section, this Minute Repeater model has every function one could hope to want, all in one 37mm 18K White Gold case housing. You can view the gorgeous movement through the Sapphire case back of this watch, which is just as high quality as the Sapphire that protects the front of this 18K White Gold beauty.


The use of black alligator (sometimes crocodile) leather is essentially the cherry on top. Complete with a tang clasp, this luxury strap could not be more complementary to the polished 18K White Gold that graces this watch.

Whether you choose the white dial or the black dial, this Patek Philippe Minute Repeater is nearly perfect in every way. Even the size — 37mm in diameter — is that perfect in-between range that ensures this piece is not too small and not too large. Rather than choosing anything “standard,” Philippe certainly goes out of their way to handcraft this item to their own unique specifications. And it is made all the better for it.

Now we get to the real highlight of this watch — the main complication that really shines — the minute repeater.

Minute Repeater

The main complication and highlight of this timepiece is the minute repeater. This is a complex mechanism that showcases the art of watchmaking. It makes it possible to tell the time by listening rather than looking.

Listen to a real time Patek Philippe minute repeater via the video below!

Actuated by a repeating slide, a minute repeater complication announces the time musically using three separate sounds. A low note is struck for the hour, then two notes (one high and one low for each quarter-hour), and last is a single high note for each minute elapsed since the last quarter-hour has struck. The heart of a minute repeater are two gongs that are struck by hammers and a complex mechanical memory that ensures this timepiece is consistent and accurate.

Patek Philippe uses over 100 unique components that are combined to create a minute repeating mechanism — it’s already difficult enough putting one in a pocket watch, but a wrist watch? That takes intricate miniaturization and a skill that Patek Philippe has in spades. It can take a watchmaker between 200 to 300 hours of work just to create Philippe’s incredible minute repeater complication.



The Patek Philippe (5016G) Minute Repeater Men’s 37mm Mechanical White Gold timepiece is not a cheap timepiece. This model transcends luxury altogether and belongs in the ultra-luxury category.

If you have $765,000 for this outstanding piece (black dial), then take a look at the link from a trusted dealer below. You can purchase the white dial model for $695,000 if you want a lighter look.