The Trifecta of Fashion: The Cartier Rotonde Line


Brand: Cartier
Model: W1556240
Type: Rotonde
Price: $19,656

The Cartier Rotonde W1556240 model is the epitome of luxury. Nearly everyone knows of the famed luxury brand, Cartier, whether they can afford these often 5-figure timepieces or not. This breathtaking model features a 42mm case of 18k Rose Gold matched with an 18k Rose Gold bezel. The manual movement is as top-notch as its design. The beautiful white dial features two subdials and two main hour and minute hands. Each hand is made and colored of Cartier’s famed deep blue.

Cartier Rotonde, Model: W1556240, 42mm


  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Case Material: 18k Rose Gold
  • Bezel Material: 18k Rose Gold
  • Movement: Manual
  • Crystal: Genuine Sapphire
  • Strap: Tan/Brown Alligator Leather
  • Dial: White
  • Features: Distinct Blue Dial and Subdial Hands, 2 Subdials, Manual Movement

With its ornate Cartier dial hands and a calendar window at the 12 o’clock position, this timepiece looks gorgeous with bold, black Roman numerals around the outer dial. The unique crown features Cartier’s deep blue cap end, tying the 18k Rose Gold with the beautiful white dial and distinct blue dial hands. This design is complex and the colors simple.

The dial is protected by genuine Sapphire Crystal, and the strap is made from genuine, tan/brown alligator leather. This men’s timepiece features a 5 year warranty. Any man wearing this elegant timepiece is making a statement that will be difficult to take one’s eyes off of. At a price of nearly $20,000, this is an elegant men’s timepiece for the consumate gentlemen.


Brand: Cartier
Model: W1556241
Type: Rotonde
Price: $21,060

This next Cartier Rotonde model is a bit more colorful and fit for men seeking a little excitement in their luxury timepieces. The W1556241 model features a 42mm case made of solid 18k White Gold. With an Automatic movement that will tick to perfection, this luxury watch is absolutely stunning to look at.

Cartier Rotonde, Model: W1556241, 42mm
  • Case Size: 42mm
  • Case Material: 18k White Gold
  • Crystal: Genuine Sapphire
  • Dial: White and Blue
  • Numerals: Roman numerals
  • Dial Hands: 18k White Gold
  • Strap: Genuine, Black Leather
  • Movement: Automatic
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Features: Distinct Blue Dial and Subdial Hands, 2 Subdials, Automatic Movement

Impossible to miss on one’s wrist, the white and blue dial feature Cartier’s famous deep blue background with stark white Roman numerals. With two subdials and a main hour and minute hand made of white gold to match the 18k White Gold case, this timepiece looks more like a piece of art by Van Gogh.

The entire look is put together with a genuine, black leather strap and the best Sapphire Crystal protecting this outstanding dial. For $21,000, this Automatic Rotonde by Cartier is a reminder that color can be bold and elegant.


Brand: Cartier
Model: WHRO0002
Type: Rotonde
Price: $29,250

The Rotonde WHRO0002 model by Cartier is the epitome of class and fine craftsmanship. This model is somewhat of a mix between the first two Rotonde’s on this list. The 40mm case is slightly smaller than other Ronde models, but is the perfect size to show the luxury of vintage sized timepieces. A watch does not have to be huge to make a statement.

The 40mm case is made of a beautiful 18k Pink Gold with a complementing 18k Pink Gold bezel. The Automatic movement is perfection and is a dream to use.

Cartier Rotonde, Model: WHRO0002, 40mm

This classic design does not have subdials, but does include a plethora of timekeeping features not found in other timepieces. Around the rim of the white dial are markers indicating the day of the week and a red mark that lands upon the current day. Above the 4 to 6 o’clock positions sites a curved slot that indicates the month of the year. In addition, a calendar window sits at the 12 o’clock position, showing the day of the month.

The two dial hands are colored in bold Cartier blue and set off the white dial and black Roman numerals with a stunning fashion. The 18k Pink Gold and bezel provide an elegant and soft look that turns masculine with the bold, genuine deep brown leather alligator strap.

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Material: 18k Pink Gold
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Hands: Cartier Blue
  • Crystal: Genuine Sapphire
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Strap Material: Genuine Alligator Leather
  • Strap Color: Deep Brown
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Features: Calendar, Day of Week, Month of Year, Day of Month, Hour and Minute Markers.

The Rotonde WHRO0002 model by Cartier costs nearly $30,000; with its Pink Gold construction and luxury class design and functionality, this would make for a fantastic statement piece on the wrist of the right gentleman.



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