The Patek Philippe Calatrava Men’s Diamond Platinum Wrist Watch: Review

Patek Philippe is a luxury wrist watch brand name whose target audience are individuals who want even more luxury, precious metals, stones, and technology that even Rolex does not typically produce. Patek Philippe watches can run from the tens of thousands up to over a million dollars.

This brand is pure luxury and flat out extravagant. If you are a part of the upscale community and love a lavish gift—Patek Philippe is more than equipped to impress even those used to premium and big ticket items.

This beautiful men’s diamond watch made of pure Platinum is one of a kind. Not only is it the epitome of class and sophistication, but it contains the best of materials and is guaranteed to make a positive impression while shining on your wrist.

Brand: Patek Philippe
Type: Calatrava Men’s Diamond Platinum
Model: 5298P-010
Caliber: 324 S C



The Patek Philippe Calatrava Men’s Diamond Platinum wrist watch is a design for the affluent and a reflection of success. This time piece can run you anywhere from $106,000 to $108,000, but is of the upmost quality with precious materials and technology to suit our era.

This classic time piece features a 38mm case, an Automatic movement, calendar functions, diamonds and platinum, and other unique features that make no mistake that this time piece is a cut above the rest.

This watch is designed for men and is best worn as an upscale dress watch or for casual usage if the feeling moves you. The tang clasp and exotic crocodile strap will make this time piece feel right at home on your wrist.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Power Reserve: 45 Hours
  • Case Material: Platinum
  • Bezel: Platinum, Diamonds
  • Case Backing: Transparent
  • Crown (Pull Out)
  • Band Material: Crocodile
  • Band/Strap Color: Black
  • Clasp Type: Tang
  • Lugs Material: Platinum
  • Engraved with the signature of Patek Philippe


This Calatrava by Patek Philippe contains an Automatic movement that uses the kinetic energy of the wearer’s arm to generate the power for this time piece. No batteries, no solar panels, this is the best movement money can buy, created with the best craftsmanship in the world.



The Good

This luxury time piece seems to do everything perfectly. Not only does it offer a timeless and classic look that transcends fashion trends, but this Calatrava uses materials other time pieces would not dream of.

Using genuine diamonds as indices for the Arabic numeral markings, this wrist watch tells time from diamond to diamond. With the beautiful platinum hour, minute, and second hands ticking away, you can find the date in a window located at the 3 o’clock position.

The bezel is made of Platinum and encrusted with diamonds all the way around for a shining tribute to this time piece’s affluent design. The back of the housing case is transparent, offering the user a look at the inner workings of this wrist watch, where the gears and interior materials are as prime as the outside.


The crocodile band is as soft and luxurious as it gets—colored in a deep black to perfectly complement the black dial and shining Platinum case and plethora of diamonds, this strap is kept securely to your arm using a tang clasp.

The Bad

There are no negative aspects to punch holes in this high class design. This Calatrava series time piece is of perfect design, the best top-tier quality materials, and an aesthetic to match the hundred thousand dollar price tag.


The highlight of this time piece is most definitely the materials used to create and design this luxury watch. With absolutely no substandard parts used, this wrist watch uses materials in such quantity that it makes other luxury watch makers look like Timex’s in comparison to this larger-than-life piece.

The casing, bezel, and interior gears are made of pure platinum, the strap is made of genuine crocodile, and the bezel is made of diamond-encrusted platinum. The platinum dial hands even indicate to independently placed diamonds that take the place of traditional Arabic numerals.


The functionality is one of the best aspects of this time piece. This watch is so easy to use and wear, with its Automatic movement, stationary bezel, and comfortable strap material. The 3 o’clock position even features a calendar which displays the day of the month at ease. The bezel is encrusted with diamonds and perfectly complements the platinum used in the case material and indices, as well as the dial hands and diamonds used in the place of the Arabic numeral markings.

This time piece is perfectly functional because the wearer does not need to do anything to maintain it except wear it to keep the Automatic movement working over time. That is it. The watch does the rest and does not need any complicated time settings or other inconvenient features that other luxury watches may have.

You can wear this watch with ease, knowing that your wrist is wearing the best the wrist watch world has to offer.




You can expect the Patek Philippe Calatrava Men’s Diamond Platinum time piece to set you back well over what you would typically pay for a luxury watch. The retail for this piece is around $107,700, but you can purchase this time piece for $106,149 on Amazon by the Patek Philippe company themselves.


Overall Impression

The Calatrava is an exceptional men’s luxury watch—I would go as far to say it is certainly an ultra-luxury time piece—that uses the best of the best in every detail, every gear, and every square centimeter of this wrist watch.

The transparent backing is a wonderful touch for watch lovers—being able to see the beautiful platinum inner-workings of the Calatrava is important. When using such upscale materials as platinum, it is great to be able to see the fine craftsmanship this Patek Philippe is made with.

This watch is simple, clean, and the epitome of luxury and fine watch making. While the materials are out of this world, the design is timeless, classic, and sophisticated. There is no gaudiness in this time piece—the exceptional design offers a magnificent sense of luxury, affluence, and pure quality.

Rating Comments

Patek Philippe’s time pieces are known for their incredible quality and equally eye-opening prices. At $106,149, this ultra-luxury wrist watch is not even the most expensive of Patek Philippe’s lines. Worth up to a million dollars retail, Patek Philippe is one of the most expensive brand names in the world.

For the price of just over $100,000, this model is worth it due to the absolute best craftsmanship, the abundance of real diamonds packed into this design quite elegantly, the pure platinum used for its construction, and the fine genuine crocodile wrist strap. There is no doubt that this time piece is expensive, even for individuals who make quite a living.

The movement is a masterpiece—the Automatic design is not only the best movement available, but the most convenient, durable, reliable, and beautiful functions. The quality of the Automatic movement is masterful and the functionality is the absolute best. No longer does the wearer need to waste time with complicated functions needing to be set—this time piece does it all and does it with ease and perfection.