8 of the Best Groomsmen Gifts for the Die Hard Sports Fan

We all have that buddy who sleeps, eats, lives for sports.  Who can blame him?  Sports are sewn into US culture.  Occasionally you might have a pal who is a bit over the top.  Signs may be that he wears his team’s pajamas, becomes enraged when his fantasy team loses or listens to sports radio all hours of the day.  Well if you happen to have a guy like that as one of your groomsmen, a sports slanted gift is clearly the best way to go.  Let’s examine some of the great choices we’ve seen for sports related groomsmen gifts. 

1.) Fat Head – want to dress your buddy’s home office or man cave up in a way that pops?  Look no further than a super cool fathead.  Throw up the quarter back or staff ace off your guys favorite team in an action shot fathead style and it becomes the center piece of the room.  These things look so real and life size that you’re going to feel like running a route to catch a pass or dig your heels into the box for an at bat. 

2.) With football season upon us, the junkies are out and if you’re getting married in the fall, what better than something that screams Sunday afternoons watching pigskin.  No need to go too far out of the box with a sports nut to reinvent the wheel.  The gifts are usually right in front of you.  Check out this traditional mug emblazoned with medallion of his favorite NFL team.  Your dude can sit and watch proudly drinking his favorite brew from a mug that represents.  


3.) Jersey – well duh.  Grab your buddy a jersey of his favorite team and throw his name on the back.  While putting his favorite player on there could be a cool option, players get traded and jerseys suddenly become obsolete.  Now he’s got something he is going to be able to wear to every big game, on his couch, tailgating, you name it.  Your guy will be pumped to crack this one open.  


4.) Maybe your guy fancies hardball.  Baseball is a game of nostalgia, memorabilia, the feeling of leather and wood.  If you want to put something in the hands of your groomsmen that he’s just going to love to pick up and feel in his fingers, then getting an official baseball bat (personalized) is going to be a hit.  This will be something he picks up in the office, grabs when he’s frustrated or .  Having played minor league baseball with the Tigers, I used to keep an official bat at my desk at work.  There wasn’t a day someone wouldn’t come by to pick it up and play with it their hands for a few minutes.  Check out this Rawlings bat.  


5.) Tickets – a big part of what the groomsmen party is all about is the unity and bonding of the group and experiencing moments together.   With that said, is there a better option than just getting your guys tickets to the game?  Some guys appreciate tangible items, some appreciate experiences and the memories that comes with it.   While opening up a box to a cool new gizmo could be great, not sure it beats sitting in the stands watching a game winning touchdown with the crowd erupting.  To go along with that, here is a very cool ticket stub collecting album that you can give along with great seats.  




6.) Personalized Bar Signs – If your buddy loves to watch sports in his man cave or at his bar, help him appoint the room that he hangs out in the most with a personalized bar sign.  Every time anyone walks into that room they will know where they are and what your groomsmen’s favorite sport is and who they should be routing for.  


7.)  Team Cufflinks – work duds can be boring day after day.  One great way to spruce them up is a awesome set of cufflinks that sports your favorite team.  They become a conversation piece, an expression of that die hard fanaticism.  If the boss loves the same team, maybe a nice vehicle to promotion.   These can also be an accessory used on wedding day and a nice way to may your guys tuxedos stand out as unique.  


8.)  Cool Tail Gating Equipment  – if your guy is a game day junkie who loves to set up shop in the parking lot a few hours before the game , get him some gear that is going to make him feel like a pro.  Tailgaters are passionate about their craft and eyeball each other to see who is set up with the coolest bells and whistles.  Anything you can do to personalize and add to the tail gating arsenal can be an awesome groomsmen gift.