6 of the Best Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas Caricature

At some point during engagement, you’ll be faced with the ever confusing task of equipping yourself properly with an amazing assortment of gifts to hand to your groomsmen on rehearsal night.   Often enough, with all the drama of detail that comes with the wedding planning, this tidbit is pushed off till last second, soon to be grooms scampering looking for the best gift ideas that at least appear like there was some thought put into it.  Let’s face it, our fiancé (and her mom) is usually a lot higher maintenance than our pals.  So while that attribute is usually taken as a positive one, it also puts you a little lower on the totem pole of importance in when the bridezilla phase kicks in.  The groom is then left running around, trying to figure out what everyone likes, flipping page by page online, hoping that the shipping gets the gifts there on time.  The bride may even take a few seconds to shift away from appetizers and dress detailing and bark that you better not get too cheesy with your gifts.  So where do you find cool and unique groomsmen gift ideas you might ask?  Well, thankfully, there are resources.  This is an industry that clearly has noted market importance and there are experts out there to help.  Let’s not undervalue the importance of what our groomsmen mean to us and the wedding.  While table decor and the DJ are definitely a critical element the day, your groomsmen should be a critical part of your lives.  There is no downplaying that.

You’re still confused you say?  Everything written above only leads you down a path of continued frustration?   Well let’s get a bit more practical and give you a list of a awesome ideas that are sure to know the socks off your men(in one case, literally).  We’re there for you, and in this case, looking to give you some options that are outside the box.   No cufflinks, no personalized golf item.  This is big time fellas and we want you to impress.


1. ) Did we refer to socks earlier? Yes we did.  One of the great concepts of certain gifts is that the groomsmen can actually put them into action on the big day.  On top of that, some of those items can actually be blended into the wardrobe so as they can enhance the pictures.   What is one of the single biggest infatuations of any bride?  Great pictures.  Want to make everyone happy?  Your men, the bride, the photographer, the dreaded helicopter mother in law?  Go cool socks.  They may only be a stocking stuffer alongside another more material gift, but a great add none the less.  These guys are practical, but can kick into so many different elements of the day and will remain distinctly memorable given worn day of.  To us, given the cheap cost, it’s a “why not” kind of groomsmen gift.




2.) So baseline for us is to ensure that anytime you get a gift for a guy, there is some practical value to it. Drill this into your noggin – some things sound MUCH better in theory than in reality.  Close your eyes and think to yourself, if I got this, would I actually use it?  Guys are simplistic, they don’t want a lot of static in their lives.  We are primal creatures.  Throughout time, we created the basic tools to survive.  We chiseled axes from metal to cut down trees and slay our enemies/prey.  Think like a caveman when you’re gift shopping.  On this point, it’s why we like a a great quality travel bag.  It may sound a little boring, but bottom line is most guys either don’t have one or have a crummy one that they got as part as a retail bank promotion for opening a checking account.   Bring your guy up to the gentlemen level from rookie ball by getting something classy and useful, with the necessary personalization.  As they grow up and hopefully become more well traveled, they’ll use it more and more.


3.) Circling back to the useful ideas for groomsmen gifts, one idea that we’ve often thought was great is grabbing your guys a belt/buckle combo.  If you’re wedding theme is a little more alternative, a little more rural in feel, we love this as a great groomsmen gift idea.  Slap this Caps Off buckle on your guys, a different color for each, and not only do you give your guys some personalization of their own, you give them a super cool way to pop the tops off their IPA’s on their way to groomsmen day bliss.  These guys will be great to throw on any pair of jeans for years to come and will likely be the only personalized buckle they’ll ever get in their lives.  Leave some impact with something unique, useful and personalized with this staunch idea. 


4.) Are your guys creative? Do they have a common theme?  Do you like the idea of doing something for all in one group format?  If so, do we have a cool groomsmen gift idea for you.  Groomsmen caricatures are the new rave – they’re fully of character, will always bring a laugh and smile and if your gents love one particular NFL team or all know each other from the services, you can get them a themed group print that they can hang up proudly for years to come.  There will also be enough sentimental value so as the wife or girlfriend can’t force you to take it down to put up something from Pottery Barn.  Hold proud men, don’t give in!  This awesome groomsmen gift idea will arm you with the type of arsenal to make that happen.

5.) Guys love bobblehead dolls. We don’t know why.  Maybe it’s that giant bouncing head exaggerated on every level.  Maybe it’s because they can be put anywhere that we need a consistent laugh.  Whether it’s at work, where the stresses of our day can be relieved by taking one look at that giant ridiculous head on the little body, maybe it’s in our man cave, but wherever it is, a bobble head is an inanimate man’s best friend.  Let’s make no mistake, they’re no dog, but they also don’t poop on the floor and need to be walked at 6am. 



6.) We talked about caricatures – another great print idea and this one can be worked into the bachelor party, is a faux movie poster for your fellas. Make them feel like Swayze and Reeves in Point Break, like Damon and Clooney in Ocean’s 11, whatever the movie, and guys love movies, this is one rockin’ groomsmen gift idea.  Blow some minds when they open up their gift because one would see this one coming.  Another fantastic groomsmen gift to adorn any man cave.   Celebrate your one year maniversary  with a  fake Oscar Awards. 


Well there you have it fellas – we hope those ideas point you right.  Gift ideas are aplenty, but great groomsmen gift ideas are few and far between.  Here we feel like we’ve given you some originality mixed with practicality.   Take your pic, they’re all terrific.