5 of Our Favorite Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts

So you are getting married and you’re spending a fortune on the wedding.  You think you’ve covered all the wedding expenses but then you remember you need to get your groomsmen gifts and you don’t want to break the bank.  Here are five inexpensive groomsmen gifts that your fellas will be pumped to receive, and best of all, are all under $25.  

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts

1. Camo Flask – $24.99

One of the top inexpensive groomsmen gifts out there, the camo flask will get your guys pumped when they get it.  Whether your guy is a hunter or a golfer, this one makes a nice accessory for those days where you might just need to warm up a little.  Trimmed with black leather and featuring the groomsmens name or initials, our discount green camo flask also includes a funnel for easy filling and refilling.  You can also find a full line of flasks on Amazon.com.  

Inexpensive Flask


2. Jager Bomb Shot Glass – $19.99

This is a great groomsmen gift for your party animal friend.  Most groomsmen are still in the partying stage of their life and throwing back shots of Jagermeister on a regular basis, so why not get them a gift that helps support their partying.  For the guy who lives on adrenaline and appreciates the container that serves him most appropriately.  Personalize it and you have one fantastic and cool groomsmen gift.  

Inexpensive Jager Bomb Shot Glass

3. Wallet Sized Toolkit – $13.99

This is one of the best groomsmen gifts out there, your guys will be psyched to get it.  It comes with a 2 inch knife, a bottle opener, scissors, a screw driver, and a few more tools.  Its one of the more unique and creative gifts out there.  At the time of this post you could get these for $15 on Amazon.com. 




4. Classic Pen – $19.99

A little less exciting then some of the other gifts, but at the same time this makes for an awesome groomsmen gift because its so practical. Some guys just don’t need to the flashy gift or the sophomoric twist.  If any of your groomsmen take the more serious route, go practical and professional and personalize it.  This solid pen is a great start.  

Cheap Pen


5. NFL Money Clip – $19.99

An especially good gift when football season is in swing, the NFL money clip lets your groomsmen show off their favorite team. There may be no less creative groomsmen gift on the planet that the money clip.  One thing that can make this a fun groomsmen gift is personalizing it with your groomsmen’s favorite NFL team.  If you’re guy is a huge fan of a particular team, can use a little sophistication and simplifying from his George Costanza hamburger wallet, then this can make for one of the top inexpensive groomsmen gifts.  


We hope you liked on of our inexpensive groomsmen gifts, but if you are still looking for more ideas be sure to check out this post.