Finding the Best Groomsmen Gifts

Finding the best groomsmen gifts, what is your best path? 
With everything going on during wedding time, it’s often not something the
groom has an opulent amount of time to invest in.  That being said, it’s also
something that you do not want to screw up on.  Finding them fast, easy,
and successful is how any groom targets finding the top groomsmen gifts. 
Welcome to online shopping.  With the internet, there usually comes a
multitude of options.  So how do you cut through the static in understanding,
on the most basic terms, what are the best groomsmen gifts you can find? 
Let’s simplify and categorize in helping out. 
As a guy, I know I like straight lines and dumbing it down.  

Let’s go list style in finding 5 buckets of possibilities
and options with each.

 1) Decorative
groomsmen gifts
– always a nice hit, but your groomsmen have to be
receptive.  Is he the kind of guy that
dreams of his man cave?  Does he have an
eye for personalizing his own space?  Is
he sentimental?  If you go this route,
the personalized pub sign is always on of the best groomsmen gifts, but make sure you get something
quality.  If your groomsmen are all
friends as well, the caricature is a great option. 

2)  Business
professional groomsmen gifts
– are you a lawyer with lawyer buddies from law
school?  Do you have an aspiring Lee
Ioccoca in your entourage?  Then going with the professional touch could
be one of the best groomsmen gifts.  Stay
safe, stay practical, and get your guy something that invests in his future
that he’ll appreciate without any of the shenanigans.  The personal business card holder is great,
as are cufflinks.  A cool bow tie is
always a creative groomsmen gift option. 

3) Frat boy groomsmen
– this category offers a plethora of unique options and could be
endless.  Are your group of groomsmen still
in the party stage of their lives?  Does
golf mean a six pack in the back of the cart? 
If so, we can start with more of the standard groomsmen gifts like a flask, or
lighter or stretch it to personalized corn hole bags.   

 4) Gadget Groomsmen Fifts – this category is a bit more suited for the creative groomsmen, call him
slightly nerdy if you will.  In this
category, you’ll find things like an all encompassing pocket tool, a flash
drive or a cool set of earphones.   Maybe
a cool bottle opener or lighter. 

 5)  Metrosexual groomsmen gifts – every guy
usually has a buddy that falls into this category.   With this groomsmen gift, your best bet is
to go stylish or you can go manscaping. 
A personalized toiletry kit always works nicely.  Otherwise, hit the robe up or even the ascot
if he’s an avant garde’ kind of guy. 

Knowing your groomsmen is 90% of the challenge of finding the
best groomsman gifts.  The rest is
easy.  In these five categories you’ll
likely find a bucket that most guys can fall into.  Hopefully if provides a guy to making sure
your groomsmen are smiling and taking home the best groomsmen gifts possible.