How Much Do Promise Rings Cost

Exchanging promise rings was once a tradition confined only to couples going to get married. This belief has been perpetuated till today and people have started accepting promise rings in many different forms. They consider gifting promise rings to their loved ones for the purpose of keeping their promise alive. With rise in demand of promise rings, many brands have come up, selling products at an affordable price. It’s quite obvious to ponder on, how much does a promise ring cost when you are buying it for the first time. We have provided you a guide in this article from which you will derive a fair idea about the price of different types of promise rings.

Guide to Cost of Promise Rings

The price of promise rings depends on many factors, viz, the quality and size of the stone, the type of metal and of course, the manufacturing brand determines its cost. Buying an expensive promise ring is worth when you are gifting it to your prospective wife or husband. You can either buy from retail outlets or from any of those leading online portals. Sterling Silver diamond rings are classy having high clarity and precision. You can purchase their products over online shopping portals at discounted rates. Sterling Silver’s diamond rings have price in the range of US $29.99 to US $69.99. It is worth to mention, the diamond solitaires offered by Sterling Silver are stunning and timeless.

Wonderful designs within US $100 are offered by JC Penney and Cubic Zirconia. You can personalize them with a stone of your choice or avail their designs. Versatile designs are available in shapes of heart, crucifix, circle, square, oval, etc. A silver coating of 6 mm is considerably heavy, that enamors your fingers quite gorgeously. A 14k white gold ring is generally priced approximately at US $150 or more. Another good option is to customize the ring with gemstones or birthstones. The cost of such rings depends on the value of the gemstone in the market. For example, the price listed by the site ‘ourpromiserings’ for a 4 mm ruby heart promise ring is US $159. Ruby is an expensive gemstone and so is diamond, pearl and sapphire. Thus, depending on the type of gemstone used and the material of the ring, you can make a purchase with less than US $100 also.

Promise rings having vintage princess cuts are much adored by the female folks. You need to spend just within the range of US $73.00 to US $130 for purchasing a white gold rhodium ring embedded with five stones of princess cut. Check collections of LuShae Jewelry to grab those beautiful rings. Some other designs lying within this price range are, kissing hearts ring, two hearts ring and yours truly design. Addition of precious and semi precious stones to these white gold rhodium pieces enhances their beauty and charm.

The price offered by Amazon and eBay is probably the most reasonable. You can even opt for promise rings within US $50 as well. Traditional designs have revived and with this, the classic Celtic designs and Christian rings are considered to be extremely fashionable. We have provided you the approximate price of some rings over here. Price of Sterling silver Claddagh heart in hands band ring, US $17.48; 7 mm Wide Claddagh Sterling Silver 4 mm Band Ring, US $12.99; Titanium 9 mm (3/8 in.) Flat Comfort Fit Band Ring Claddagh Pattern, US $8.95; 8 mm Wide Claddagh with 3 mm Heart Celtic Knot 2 mm Wide Band Sterling Silver Ring, US $13.99 and Claddagh Sterling Silver Emerald Crystal Ring, $26.50. This is the price offered by the leading consumer website, Amazon.

I hope this short and crisp guide on rates of promise rings has proven useful to you. So, you can well reckon the expenses involved in buying a good quality ring. The price should not be an obstacle for you, as the person being gifted with, values your sentiments more than money. Buy a ring that will suit his/her personality and will epitomize the promise that you have so solemnly vowed.