How to Choose a Pre-Engagement Ring That She’ll Love

There are a number of ways in which people in love convey their feelings and thoughts to their beloved. Some say it with words, some with love songs, some by writing a beautiful heart-felt poem, while others, who want something tangible, something which will last forever, choose to give their beloved a promise ring.

A promise ring, also known as pre-engagement ring, is usually given by a man to a woman, as a symbol of his commitment to her. Although, in some cases, the couple may exchange pre-engagement promise rings between them too. Let us know a bit more about them.

Pre-Engagement Promise Rings

Pre-engagement rings are worn by a couple when they have truly decided that they are going to get married in the future. It is given to show affection to one’s partner and to tell them that they are greatly valued and appreciated. These rings express the couple’s strong belief that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. As a pre-engagement ring is not actually an engagement ring, it can be worn on any finger. Some people may wear it on their middle finger, while others may wear it on their right ring finger. However, people who want to tell others that they are no longer available and are already taken, wear it on their left ring finger.

While giving this ring, a person should be very clear of his intentions. He should convey and communicate the reasons behind his giving the personalized promise ring to his partner. Men, while giving promise rings for girlfriends, can say things like – “I will remain faithful to you forever”, “You are my best friend”, “I will stand by you no matter what happens” and “I will give you an engagement ring soon”. A woman, while giving a pre-engagement ring for him can say things like, “I promise to love you forever” or “I will always be there for you”. The intention behind giving a promise ring should always be conveyed properly to make it more special.

Promise rings come in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and materials. It need not be as expensive as an engagement ring. It may or may not have a diamond, depending upon the buyer’s budget. Many couples choose to give pre-engagement rings to each other which are made of titanium or silver, with pearls engraved on them. Inexpensive rings are available in a number of materials such as wood, glass, ceramic, bone, or even plastic.

These days, engraved promise rings are becoming very popular. On the ring, a couple can consider engraving each others’ names, some special message such as “I love you” or “Together till eternity” or even some romantic messages in a foreign language.

Heart-shaped rings are another favorite choice. Getting each others’ birthstone engraved to make it more personalized and to bring good fortune and health to one’s beloved is something many couples opt for. Birthstone rings are a great way to enhance the meaning of the promise rings.

The time preceding the actual engagement, gives the couple enough time to understand each other deeply. It’s a way of saying that though they are committed and in a loving relationship, they are not rushing into marriage. A pre-engagement ring is a kind of promise on the part of the couple that they are going steady and have the intention to make the relationship official in the near future.