His and Her Promise Rings

Promise rings are bands exchanged between young couples who have pledged to be with each other. They are meant for those, for whom commitment ought to be the last word. The couple has pledged complete exclusivity to their relationship. You may safely conclude that a promise ring is a band that marks the seriousness of a relationship. A relationship that is much more than walking hand in hand; much, much more than the mush conversations. This is something more real, more steady, and to the core, reliable. It is through the exchange of these rings that the couple signifies their intent to be together and take their relationship to a deeper level of realization. His and her promise rings could be considered precursors to engagement rings. They are bands that bridge the minuscule gap between being in a relationship and being seriously committed in a relationship.

Promise rings do not only have a ready acceptance by the romantic lovebirds but they also hold meaning to friends who share a secret and don’t propose to let it out to anyone. They may symbolize any promise that is agreed upon, between friends. No wonder they are also called friendship rings. The rings, when exchanged by a couple, always serve to be a reminder that they are in a committed and monogamous relationship. When your partner is away, the moments spent together could resurface in an assuring manner when you behold the sight of the promise ring gleaming on your finger. These rings, generally, are inexpensive bands that signify true reliability. However, if one receives an expensive promise ring, it is clear that the relationship has to be taken a step further. If girls receive promise rings with expensive gems, they could comfortably take the ring to be a pr-engagement ring.

Types of Promise Rings for Him and Her

There is a variety of promise rings available in sets, being absolute trend setters over the traditional styles of having simple bands. With the engraved messages, names and inlay material combined to the main metal, one may rest assured that they would be able to find rings that suit their respective personalities and preferences.

If you are not too keen on spending a fortune on these rings, and believe that time will test the true metal of your bond of love, then you might as well visit shops and jewelers that offer great discounts and offer rings at reasonable prices. The prices start at $50 for simple rings to $500 and above for other set of rings. The factors that bring about the highs and lows in price are the precious metals used, personalization, and other customizations, and the use of different gemstones. Some of the most popular ring styles are the following:

  • Class Rings – This is not a ring set, and thus are not identical ring. However, there are personalized promise rings that have symbols engraved on both rings that make the couple stay connected to each other.
  • Plain Bands – Plain bands are the most common and the easiest type to find amongst the rest. They constitute a plain metal band that could be platinum, silver, or gold. It could also be personalized or customized according to your preference.
  • Couple Rings – Couple rings are the more personalized versions of promise rings. You could have your names or initials engraved on the outsides of these rings. They could have words such as I Will Wait, Purity, Promise You, I Will Wait For My Beloved and True Love, for a well spelled personalized message that will always remind you of the commitment you have made.
  • Birthstone Rings – They are considered to be highly symbolic. With birthstone rings, couples can include their respective birthstone and are also free to include both his and her birthstones on the ring.
  • Celtic Rings – They have knots that are intricately woven. This feature makes them stylish and easy to wear.

Price You Pay for Promise Rings (Pun Not Intended)

Yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver range are lower on the price ladder. For a yellow gold ring, you could purchase the same for around $90 to $150, depending on the design engraved and the complete craftsmanship. White gold rings prices range from $140 to $250, depending on their design. Sterling silver is the most common and cheapest among them, and you can purchase them in any design for about $40. Platinum promise rings or rings with gems are an expensive buy, so give it a good thought before you present it to your beloved.

Promise rings speak volumes about the intentions that the two of you share in your relationship. They, indeed, are a beautiful way to remind ourselves of the affections we share towards those who mean a lot in our lives.