Great Ideas for Matching Promise Rings for the Committed Couples

A Promise ring is gifted as the symbol of love, care, and commitment. It is often given before the events of engagement and wedding. This ring are traditionally worn in the left ring finger, but to avoid confusion with the engagement ring, it is often worn in the left middle finger or the right ring finger. No matter what the location is, these rings are a significant part of a couple’s life. Exchanging promise rings with each other is a cultural phenomenon, which was limited only to the girlfriends. Men were somewhat excluded from this sweet gesture of love, and its deeper shades like trust, devotion, and appreciation of their better half.

Nowadays, such rings for men are very much popular, along with the engagement ones. There are various types of promise rings to choose from. For example, the engraved, white gold, diamond, and matching rings, etc. Amongst them, the matching ones have a number of sweet meanings associated with them. Wearing them means that the couple has surpassed the “ordinary” stage of relationship, and has moved on to the next “exclusive” level, which is either marriage or a lifetime commitment.


A promise ring means friendship, romance, love, commitment, and purity (or abstinence). Meaning of such ornaments is different for each couple. Some would want to buy them so that they match with their wedding rings. While some couples who are in a long distance relationship, prefer matching rings just to ensure trust and nearness between them, despite their physical absence. The reasons may differ, but the message that the rings convey is the same, which is infinite love and fondness for each other. There are a huge array of designs available for such products. Hence, the decision of buying them entirely depends on that individual couple.

Plain Bands
They made up of various precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, and titanium. As they are often choose as classic wedding rings, some may want to select the rarest of them, which are not selected for the wedding ring, like titanium. This element looks rich, and is as rare as gold and silver.

Couple’s Rings
They are very much in demand, and as a result, various stores have introduced a separate range of special jewelry meant only for couples. These are customized rings that a couple can design on their own. This makes them more creative and beautiful at the same time. One can engrave names of each other on the ring, or decorate them with his/her birthstone or a favorite gemstone.

Celtic Rings
All of us are well aware of Celtic jewelry. Celtic symbols are highly meaningful, which makes them a sensitive and emotional affair. The Celtic love knot designs are traditional and unconventional for making promise rings. They come in a flexible design, and hence, they are easy to wear for both men and women.

Stackable Rings
They are a coordinated group of rings, which can be rearranged to form a different design. They are quite popular amongst young couples, because of the stylish and simple design. There are a few other rings that come with a complimentary design, For instance, design of a heart in one ring and of a key in the other.

We all know that for every promise there is a price to pay, but what about the young couples who cannot spend a lot of money on promise rings? Well, there is always an option available for them in the form of low expense rings. One can always opt for such rings, which are made using affordable metals like sterling silver. It is one of the best and cheapest options available. Silver and gold are also some other options. There are other metals too, like zirconium, titanium and platinum, which you may want to try out for making such rings.

Regardless of the prices, materials, patterns, and styles, what is needed between two people is a lifetime commitment, and a promise to be with each other. This is very important than any other emotion that is shared by a couple.