Designs and Styles of Oh-so-elegant Princess Cut Promise Rings

You must have come across many people who wear promise rings. But what exactly is a promise ring. A promise ring signifies a commitment between two people and although it is generally used as a pre engagement ring, it is not limited to romantic commitments. A promise ring can be worn by friends as a symbol of trust and loyalty or a group of individuals who have promised to exercise or lose weight. Although some people consider a promise ring to be a mere marketing strategy to induce people to buy expensive diamond and gemstone rings, there are people who consider promise rings to be a symbol of loyalty, trust and a binding commitment. These rings are popular among young people who are in a committed relationship but do not want to have an engagement as yet. The promise ring therefore serves as a pre engagement ring which is later replaced by an engagement ring. There are many designs and styles of promise rings that you can choose from. From inexpensive plastic or metallic bands to expensive diamond and precious stone rings set in gold and silver. One of the most popular designs in such rings are princess cut rings. Here we are going to discuss some of the styles and designs in princess cut promise rings that you can choose from.

Designs and Styles of Princess Cut Rings

Just like engagement rings, a princess cut diamond or sapphire is very popular design for promise rings too. A princess cut stone can be described as a cross between a square cut and round cut stone. It has the brilliance of a round cut stone and the shape of a square cut stone, which gives it its unique look. For a promise ring, a princess cut diamond ring seems a bit excessive, since it is going to be replaced by an engagement ring anyway. However if you can afford it, then do opt for a princess cut diamond promise ring in a modest carat size. A promise ring mounted with semi precious stones in princess cut like Garnet, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Peridot looks elegant and classy. Princess cut semi precious stones are not very expensive and you can choose promise rings with such stones in metal like gold, silver or tungsten. Another advantage of such designs in rings are that they can be bought at a much lesser price than princess cut diamond promise rings.

Princess cut rings in beautiful hues like blue, green and red are quite popular with the young crowd. You can choose from different designs like a simple band with a single princess cut gemstone to a more detailed ring with three princess cut stones mounted on it. Three stone princess cut rings are classy and elegant and they can look quite stunning. To avoid confusion among friends and family, it is always best to wear such rings on the ring finger of the right hand as opposed to the ring finger of the left hand. If you wear a promise ring on the left hand, it can be perceived to be an engagement ring and cause you awkwardness and embarrassment.

If you like jewelry from the Victorian or Edwardian era, then you can choose a princess cut promise ring in such vintage designs. A ring which is mounted with a princess cut stone and has detailed filigree work done over it looks very attractive. Such designs can be found in any reputed jewelry shop or you can hunt online too.

These were some designs and styles of princess cut promise rings. Many people are still undecided about the merits of giving a person a promise ring, particularly in the case of romantic involvement. Giving a promise ring might make the recipient think that it is being given in lieu of an engagement ring. It might be interpreted as an attempt to mollify the partner for not giving an engagement ring, when, an engagement ring was more appropriate. Whether you are for or against promise rings, it is no doubt a very popular concept today and if you would like to purchase one for your partner or family, there are many designs and styles of such rings available.