How to Buy an Extra-special Promise Ring for Your Girlfriend

They say, if you have it, flaunt it. Similarly, I feel that if you truly love someone and want to spend your life with that individual, then you should express and confess it to that person. The worst case scenario could be that you would be rejected. But what if the girl agrees? Wow, who wouldn’t want that. So, coming back to the point of confessing your love to that special someone, if you know that she is the one and you have been dating each other for quite some time, go ahead and take the plunge! Tell her you love her. For that, what could be more appropriate than a promise ring for your girlfriend! Pre-engagement promise rings for women are available in all varieties, and in awesome designs and shapes. Know The Meaning FirstThis age-old tradition has quite a few implications and meanings. To begin with, promise rings symbolize a kind of promise either to someone or to yourself. As mentioned earlier, it is an epitome of commitment for two individuals who are romantically involved. These are used either to depict pre-engagement involvement or in some cultures, it represents monogamy. Another thing that these rings used to symbolize earlier is abstinence, that is abstinence from sex and being sexually pure before marriage. While the tradition dates back to the Roman times, when noblemen, through these rings, paid a tribute to their loved ones as a token of affection, nowadays, of course, they symbolize an individual’s commitment to another. Finally, best friends also exchange these rings as a mark of unfettered friendship.Promise Rings for Your GirlfriendSo you are smitten by her and want to tell her what you feel by buying a promise ring for her. Choosing a diamond promise ring for the woman in your life, if you cannot think of anything else, is a good option. That too, go for it if your girlfriend knows that you are going to pop up the question ultimately. In fact, heart-shaped diamond rings are the best bet. If you can sneak out some information about her favorite metal, then have a gemstone embedded in that metal ring. If you want to give her a surprise, go for the latter. These days there is a plethora of designs available, you just have to be observant. Puzzle or personalized promise rings are also a good choice. Get a love quote engraved on the ring and customize the ring to make it even more special for her.You can get great rings in silver as well. You can buy any of these but as far as possible, avoid buying a typical engagement ring to go as a promise ring. Even though it is worn on the same finger where you wear an engagement ring, you do not want to scare her off, do you?Another consideration while you buy a promise ring for your girlfriend is her favorite color, as well as her dressing sense to some extent. For instance, if your girl is into sports, a dainty ring could perhaps be a misfit. A simple silver ring or gemstone embedded metal ring would go well with her personality. The most important thing is the finger it is worn on. Needless to mention, it is worn on the ring finger of your lady love. These can cost anything starting from $100.So you see, choosing promise rings is as simple as that. Now, I am certain that you are already flipping through books for designs or surfing the net for all the available options. Are you ready to keep the promise and sweep your dream girl off her feet?