Ruby Red Engagement Rings We Love

Glamorous, romantic and bold, the ruby is a stunning alternative to classic diamond engagement rings for non-traditional brides. Crimson-hued with hints of purple and a brilliant, fiery sparkle, this precious stone (only second to the diamond) can come in a range of shades and cuts. Besides its obvious beauty, the gemstone is also a fitting bridal choice because it’s known as the Stone of Nobility for representing energy, peace and contentment. It’s also known to symbolize truth and trust, and its vibrant tone lends it an image of passion and love. In fact, legends say that rubies are able to reconcile a lover’s spat and kindle heart’s desire. While the ruby’s dramatic hue lets it pair well with yellow and rose gold, it also looks equally stunning with a platinum or silver band — and even more dazzling when paired with diamonds to symbolize commitment and life. But don’t mind our gushing — we’ll let these five rings do all the talking.

Courtesy of Gemvara

1. A round-cut stone and a princess halo cut play with geometry, complemented by a sparkling gem-covered shank in platinum for a smooth, clean look. Perfect the bride torn between styles. (“Adele” round-cut ruby platinum ring, $13,150, Gemvara)

Courtesy of Ritani

2. Vintage yet timeless, this platinum halo ring is all about the dazzle. A micropavé diamond halo and band bring extra brilliance to a bright, vivid round ruby center stone in a delicate and elegant style. (Ruby and diamond halo ring, $2,500, Ritani)

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

3. This dazzling ring has a retro vibe and the best of both worlds, with a ruby surrounded by a halo of round diamonds and accented by two ribbons of diamonds. A bow-shaped silhouette gives it a feminine look. (“The Marchelle” ruby and diamond 18K yellow gold ring, $2,090, Brilliant Earth)

Courtesy of Danhov

4. This abbraccio swirl ring leads all eyes to the large, deeply-hued and round ruby it so gracefully holds. A modern shape lends it a bit of personality and flair, ideal for the chic and fashionable bride. (Style AE100-RB, round-cut garnet and diamond engagement ring, $3,630, Danhov)

Courtesy of Kwiat

5. A vintage masterpiece, this eye-catching ring in 18K white gold is unique in everything from shape to style with a ruby rectangle framed by an intricate three-layer diamond design. (Style 28012R, diamond and ruby rectangle ring in 18K white gold, $4,500, Kwiat)