The 5 Most Popular Engagement Ring Cuts

The beauty of a diamond engagement ring doesn’t just lie in its sparkle, but in its versatility. Trendy pears, elegant ovals, vintage emeralds — the number of cuts available make us fall in love with diamonds even more. After all, they provide our partners with the option to pick something that truly reflects our personality. As gorgeous as all these cuts may be, a few seem to be a bit more popular than the rest, according to WP Diamonds’ America’s Diamond and Jewelry Ranking report. Does yours fall into the popular crowd, or is it proudly unique?

Courtesy of Charles & Colvard

5. Cushion Cut
This cut is often compared to a pillow, thanks to its square-cut combination with rounded corners, which, when combined with the cut’s classic larger facets, increase the diamond’s brilliance. Charles & Colvard’s gorgeous moissanite cushion halo ring in white gold is a perfect option for the eco-friendly bride. (Cushion-cut colorless moissanite halo engagement ring in 14K white gold, $1,590, Charles & Colvard)

Courtesy of Gemvara

4. Emerald Cut
Characterized by a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners, the emerald-cut diamond is often favored for its Art Deco vibe. While it has more of an understated sparkle with a “hall-of-mirrors” effect, its long silhouette and angular lines capture the diamond’s clarity and catches the light dramatically and elegantly. This Gemvara dazzler in white gold features a solid emerald-cut accented with a regal band. (“Isle” emerald-cut ring, $4,540, Gemvara)

Courtesy of Bahdos

3. Marquise Cut
Also known as the Navette cut, the marquise cut is known for its regal feel. Its distinctive silhouette is marked by curved sides and pointed ends — an elegant football shape, if you will. Its long, narrow shape not only creates an illusion of greater size, but elongates the finger. The milgrain detailing in the band of this sparkling Bahdos ring perfectly accents the royalty vibes of the marquis-cut diamond, adding even more radiance. (Diamond engagement ring with milgrain detail and side stones, $1,995, Bahdos)

Courtesy of Noam Carver

2. Princess Cut
Because us girls love to feel like a princess, it’s no surprise that this is the most popular fancy cut. Featuring a face-up shape with square or rectangular sides, the princess cut is incredibly versatile, making it a prime choice for nearly any ring style. Noam Carver’s stunning 14K ring is a beauty, complete with a simple, yet elegant band that brings all attention to the center princess stone complete with paved halo. (Style B070-01A, princess-cut engagement ring, starting at $1,775, Noam Carver)

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

1. Round Cut
And the most popular cut is round brilliant — more than half of brides surveyed wear this style. Considering that the round shape maximizes the fire of the diamond at the proper reflection of light, it’s no surprise that this is the reigning stone (we’re all guilty of falling for a good sparkle). Anna Sheffield’s hazeline solitaire ring featuring a white diamond resting in a delicate basket is a timeless choice ($10,000). (“Hazeline” solitaire ring with 14K gold and white diamonds, Anna Sheffield)