Rolex GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Review

Rolex has been making luxury time pieces since the beginning of the 20th century, and began its well-respected takeover of the watch-making industry in the late 20s and 30s, where its golden age of sophistication and immense luxury is remembered.

The GMT Master II has an Automatic movement and stainless steel build, as well as a rotating bezel of blue and black, which, on the black dial face, offers a tri-tone look that is akin to some diver’s watches.

Brand: Rolex
Type: GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless Steel, Men’s
Model: 116710BLNR


This Rolex Master II Black Dial Men’s Watch is made for men’s dress wear, with a diameter of 40mm.   The design includes the traditional Analog dial, round face, bi-directional rotating bezel, luminous hands, water resistance, and stainless steel acting as the prominent material.

With the advanced Automatic movement, this Rolex needs only the movement of the wearer’s arm to transfer the energy needed to power this wrist watch.

Tech Specs and Features:

  • Movement: Automatic
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Dial/Face Shape: Round
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Dial Window Material: Scratch Resistant Sapphire
  • Superluminova luminescent hands and dot hour markers
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Color: Steel Silver
  • Bezel: Bi-directional Blue and Black Ceramic with GMT Master II
  • Oyster lock clasp
  • Special Features: PC Calling, Microphone
  • Swiss Made
  • Second Time Zone
  • Functions: Date, Hour, Minute, Second
  • Annual Calendar
  • Water Resistant Depth: 100 Meters (330 feet)
  • Black and Blue bezel indicating night and day



The type of luxury watch that this model was intended for is dress wear. The traditional Analog face and Sapphire dial window material highlights the modern sophistication of Rolex lovers who prefer the look of silver and stainless steel over Gold.

Power Source

The Rolex GMT Master II, like most Rolexes, use Automatic movement as the power source. Using kinetic energy gathered only by the movement of the watch-wearer’s arm, powers the Rolex with no additional aid.

The Good

This wrist watch is best for dress occasions, high class events, and even business occasions.

The best features about this model are the Automatic movement, bi-directional bezel for hands-on control, and the platinum coated numbers. The hands are made of 18k white gold and at night, they have a bluish-green luminescent coating that is easily seen.

Bi-directional ceramic bezel

Perfect for dress use, in certain lighting environments, the black appears more similar to a black onyx with silver hue.

Another excellent feature is the black and blue bezel coloring. The black represents night and the blue indicates the day.

The Bad

Compared to wrist watches by other manufacturers, the price of this Rolex on Amazon is relatively expensive in comparison, at $9,300. While made of quality material with the best movement, features, functions, and watch makers; some may find the price too steep for what they are receiving from this stainless steel Rolex.


Due to Rolex’s consistent functions becoming standard with each Rolex, it becomes difficult to find a certain aspect that becomes a unique highlight.

However, this model offers a ceramic black and blue bezel that is not only attractive, but offers 24 hour day and night tracking. The black half of the bezel represents night and the blue represents day. In addition to the annual calendar at 3 o’clock, this watch can tell you the date, hour, minute, second, day night on a 24 hour count, and second time zone.




The tactile functionality is especially important on this model. This Rolex is more hands-on than most other Analog wrist watches. Not only is the time quickly set, but the unique bezel is bi-directional and serves as not only a control mechanism but as a day and night indicator.

Its functionality overall in context of its intended usage, is quite excellent. This Rolex is a dress wrist watch intended for upscale events, dressing up, professional engagements, as well as casual wear to impress. This GMT Master II does this perfectly.


The listing price for the Rolex GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch (116710BLNR) is $9,300 and can be found on Amazon.


You can purchase this model online and in store—however, this black and blue model is difficult to find in store, so the rarity of this color model is noteworthy.

Overall Impression

My overall impression of this Rolex is that compared to Rolexes priced similarly, $9,300 may be a little too steep to pay for this model. However, if this black and blue stainless steel design is perfect for you and what you are seeking, then it is worth the purchase.

There are no negative aspects of this time piece, so it is worth however much one is willing to pay for it. Rolex succeeded in providing its world renowned quality, craftsmanship, and luxury in the GMT Master II.  

Rating Comments

Despite being made by Rolex, this GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless Steel watch seems a bit overpriced for the functions offered and the materials used. While the watch and movement themselves are of luxury quality and are in perfect working order, the use of stainless steel rather than Gold does not, in many buyers’ minds, justify the price.

However, the price is strictly a matter of buyer’s preference, as is the case with nearly any luxury watch. This is why this Rolex model receives a nearly perfect rating despite the back and forth regarding price. This watch is an overall, perfectly functional, Rolex, that has no negative features or functions to speak of.