Extreme Style: Hublot’s MP Collection


hublot-logo-logotypeHublot is a well known luxury brand, famous for their extravagant designs and materials, even by luxury standards. Hublot’s extreme style has never been more prevalent than in their MP Collection. The MP Collection doesn’t sound very exciting, but once you lay your eyes on the four MP models below, you won’t be able to believe that these luxury timepieces have evaded your radar.

The MP Collection is the result of a partnership with the luxury car brand, Ferrari, hence the name “Laferrari” in this collection. Inspired by the LaFerrari supercar, the “superwatch” design of the MP collection cannot be matched. It cost $300,000 when it was originally launched and with its Swiss-made, uber-technical design, the style blew everyone away. Fast forward to today, and there are four incredible models in the MP Collection by Hublot.  


MP-05 Laferrari Titanium
Model: 905.NX.0001.RX


  • Case: Micro Blasted Titanium
  • Dial Color: TItanium, Yellow Luminescent
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Movement: HUB9005, Manufacture Manual-Winding Suspended Vertical Tourbillon 11 Series-Coupled Barrels
  • Dial: Hour and Minute Indicated by Anodized Black Aluminum Cylinders on the Right Side with Yellow Luminescent
  • Seconds Indicated by Anodized Black Aluminum Cylinder with Yellow Luminescent Fastened onto the Suspended Tourbillon
  • Power Reserve Indicated by the Anodized Black Aluminum Cylinder on the Left Side with Yellow Luminescent
  • Power Reserve: 50 Days
  • Strap Color: Black
  • Strap: Smooth Rubber
  • Clasp: Satin-Finished Titanium and Micro Blasted Black PVD Titanium Deployant Buckle Clasp


The Laferrari Titanium is a real racer’s timepiece. While it features the same Ferrari engine block design as the Sapphire and All Black models above, the Titanium features the bright yellow accents that lovers of luxury sports have come to desire in their timepieces.

The case is made of Micro Blasted Titanium and is protected by genuine, anti-reflective Sapphire crystal. The “dial” of this watch is mainly Titanium in color with the yellow accents on the numbering on the subdials and main dial to the right. The hour and minute are indicated by Anodized black aluminum cylinders on the right hand side of the dial, with yellow luminescent for perfect clarity.


The seconds are indicated by Anodized black aluminum as well, and features itself inside of a cylinder with yellow luminescent fastened o to the Suspended Tourbillon. Like the others in the MP-05 Laferrari series, the Power Reserve from the manual winding movement is an outstanding 50 days. The Power Reserve is indicated by the Anodized black aluminum cylinder located on the left side of the dial in yellow luminescent.

The Laferrari Titanium features smooth, black rubber straps to keep this sports watch on. The clasp if finished Titanium and Micro Blasted Black PVD Titanium deployant buckle clasp.


MP-05 Laferrari Sapphire
Model: 905.JX.0001.RT


  • Case Material: Polished Sapphire Crystal
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Case Back: Sapphire
  • Movement: HUB9005.H1.PN.1 Manufacture Manual-Winding Suspended Vertical Tourbillon 11 Series-Coupled
  • Transparent Hour, Minute, Second, and Power Reserve Indicators
  • Power Reserve: 50 Days
  • Water Resistance: 3 ATM (30 Meters)
  • Strap Color: Transparent
  • Strap: Smooth Straps (Rubber)
  • Clasp: Polished Sapphire Crystal and Micro Blasted Black-Plated, Titanium Deployment Buckle Clasp


The brand new Laferrari Sapphire is not only a beautiful piece of mechanics and timekeeping, but looks more like a Cobra snake than a timepiece. This look was inspired by the LaFerrari engine bay. This unbelievable design is a fantastic example of Hublot’s innovation and partnership with top brands to create a unique watch that nobody on the planet has anything close to.

When this timepiece was launched, it broke the record for the timepiece with the most number of parts in a single movement, with an incredible 637 parts with 108 jewels. The self winding movement cannot be done manually, so the timepiece comes with drill that is needed to set the time.

The Laferrari Sapphire is a Limited Edition piece, and is one of the most stunning in the entire MP Collection. This Ferrari inspired timepiece features a transparent, hardened Sapphire crystal that dominates the entire watch case. The case is very unusual, made of Polished Sapphire Crystal rather than Steel or Titanium. This crystal also makes up the inner casing, and all of it is anti-reflective, which offers onlookers a fantastic look inside of the entire mechanism of this unique timepiece.


The movement is a HUB9005.H1.PN.1 Manual Winding with Suspended Vertical Tourbillon. This 11 Series coupled movement offers a transparent hour, minute, seconds, and a Power Reserve of an outstanding 50 days.

With a water resistance of 3 ATM, it is best to keep this one of a kind timepiece safe, but you can rest easy knowing that a splash will not harm it. In addition to the unusual Cobra design and transparent Sapphire Crystal construction, the Laferrari Sapphire features transparent smooth straps and a clasp of Polished Sapphire Crystal and Micro Blasted Black Plated Titanium for the deployment buckle clasp.


You will never find another luxury timepiece with the unique materials, innovative design, or fascinating mechanism as the Hublot Laferrari Sapphire. This outstanding transparent timepiece is fascinating to look at and even features sub dials that run vertical and horizontal within the Cobra-style “dial.” The partnership with Ferrari to create this timepiece has completely changed the way luxury watches are thought about. Get this Limited Edition Sapphire on your wrist


MP-05 Laferrari All Black
Model: 905.ND.0000.RX



  • Case Material: Micro Blasted Black PVD Titanium
  • Dial: Skeleton Dial, Titanium
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Movement: HUB9005 Manufacture Manual-Winding Suspended Vertical Tourbillon 11 Series-Coupled, Black-Coated Barrels
  • Power Reserve: 50 Days
  • Strap Color: Black
  • Strap: Smooth Rubber
  • Clasp: Stain-Finished and Micro Blasted Black PVD, Titanium Deployant Buckle Clasp


The Laferrari All Black model features the same design as the Sapphire, but rather than using a transparent Sapphire case, it features a high quality Micro Blasted Black PVD Titanium making up the LaFerrari case.

The crystal protecting this Cobra-style Ferrari dial is genuine Sapphire with an anti-reflective treatment. The dial itself is as black as the case, with a skeletonized dial so the wearer can see the inner workings of the HUB9005 movement.


The Manual Winding Movement features a Suspended Vertical Tourbillon 11 Series with coupled black-coated barrels. Hublot’s Power Reserve is 50 days on this model and one of the best in the world. The strap is made of a black, smooth rubber, which keeps this monster on your wrist.

The All Black Laferrari is very appealing for those seeking an inspired, dark black Titanium luxury watch unlike any other.



MP-12 Key of Time Skeleton All Black
Model: 912.ND.0123.RX


  • Case: Micro Blasted Black-Plated Titanium
  • Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-Reflective Treatment
  • Dial: Multi-Layered Sapphire Dial
  • Movement: HUB9012 Manual-Winding Skeleton Movement with Column Wheel and Power Reserve Tourbillon
  • Power Reserve: 120 Hours
  • Strap Color: Black
  • Strap: Smooth Rubber
  • Clasp: Satin-Finished and Micro Blasted Black-Plated Titanium Deployant Buckle Clasp


Featuring 512 components, the MP-12 Key of Time is an all black, skeleton timepiece that features an incredible, concentric dials with red, white, and black dial colors and a black case design. The transparent face is true to the MP Collection by Hublot, but this model looks more like a gas mask than the Ferrari supercar.

The unique MP-12 features Hublot’s updated HUB9012 movement, from the MP-05 watches’ HUB9005 movements. The real magic is on the amazing, multi-layered Sapphire dial.

This skeleton dial features a column wheel and a Power Reserve Tourbillon located on the left hand side. This Power Reserve indicator is bold and prominent, keeping track of the 120 hour reserve power with what looks like a sports car gas gauge. The red indicator hand will count down the reserve until it hits the “red,” where the watch indicates that the reserve power is nearly out of gas.


The main dial is situated in the center and right hand side of the dial, where symmetry does not exist. This dial is concentric — just outside of the main 12-Hour dial is a black, red, and white circle that indicates the seconds, just like on a traditional military style watch. However, the MP-12 Key of Time is anything but your typical timepiece.



It is clear to us that Hublot has not been sitting around with the same old designs. Their innovative partnerships with brands like Ferrari have created some of the best looking, unique timepieces in the world. By choosing unusual materials such as Sapphire crystal, to use as the actual casing construction for such a unique dial design, the MP Collection has broken barriers in the world of horology.

If you love supercars, racing, and luxury brands, the Hublot MP Collection will have the perfect design for you. Whether your look is an all-black Ferrari supercar engine block, a transparent timepiece made entirely of hardened Sapphire crystal, or a yellow and titanium sports design, you have the best collection in the world to choose from.



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