How to Keep Your Diamond Engagement Ring Looking Gorgeous

Your sparkling diamond engagement ring looks beautiful on your finger right now – but how will it look five or ten years from now? Though it looks like nothing could impact its amazing shine and luster, diamond rings need plenty of TLC – just like your new relationship!

Let’s face it: you want your diamond engagement’s ring luster to last as long as your marriage (and that’s forever!). If you want to keep your friends gasping with delight when they see your diamond engagement ring (not to mention make strangers envious), here’s what you need to know about keeping your diamond engagement ring looking gorgeous and beautiful – just like your relationship with your sweetheart.

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Keep Your Fingers Off

This might seem contradictory; after all, how else are you going to show your best girlfriends your new diamond engagement ring without touching it? But diamonds act like magnets for grease – and apart from an Italian sub, there’s nothing greasier than the human fingers. To keep your diamond engagement ring looking gorgeous, refrain from touching the actual diamond as much as possible. This will keep smudges and grease from interfering with that beautiful shine.

Choose Your Cleaning Tool Wisely

Old wives’ tales for keeping a diamond ring clean and beautiful involved using the bristles of a toothbrush for some serious scrubbing. Although a diamond is one of the hardest surfaces on the planet, that doesn’t mean it can just shrugged off a cleaning assault from a bristled toothbrush. We recommend that you use a soft washcloth or an old yet soft t-shirt for cleaning your diamond.

Also, refrain from using any harsh cleaner – soap and water will work just fine here.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Advanced

If we’re talking about a diamond engagement ring that’s several years old, you may need to use more than just soap and water to make it shiny and sparkly again. This is when you should take it to an expert jewelry cleaner that offers ultrasonic cleaning. This type of cleaning style can remove encrusted dirt and grease that have accumulated over the years. Rather than use your ultrasonic cleanser, we recommend taking it to an expert cleaner, as he or she will be able to treat your diamond with the exact cleaning methods it needs.

Keeping your diamond engagement ring looking gorgeous doesn’t have to be a full-time job, especially with these tips and techniques on hand!