Great Groomsmen Gifts Under 20 Dollars 1.The Stylish Koozie- $19.99 2.Engraved Pocket Knife- $19.99 3.Jaeger Bomb Shot Glasses- $19.99 4.Credit Card Bottle Opener- $14.99 5.Personalized Shot Glass with Medallion- $14.99

If you are on a budget but still looking for great groomsmen gifts under 20 dollars, you will find the best of the best below.  The best part about many of these great groomsmen gifts is that it will seem like you spent more then $20 on several of them, not less then $20.  You can  have all of these great groomsmen gifts personalized at no additional cost.  

1. The Stylish Koozie – $19.99

Do you want to take a simple idea which then becomes very cool when you churn it up a few notches in style and personalization?  The Koozie is something many relate via the foam variety at the on campus keg party.  In this case, you may capture that traditional collegian functionality, but in a mature and non foamy manner.  This is a funny groomsmen gifts and is something that will last the test of time. 


2. Engraved Pocket Knife – $19.99

Any guy needs a handy dandy knife for those tough situations.  Add to that the fact that it can offer a little protection and give a guy a sense of masculinity and you got yourself one of the best selling cool groomsmen gifts.  Nothing says suave more than pulling this knife out of your pocket and cutting through something in times of need,  We’ve seen guys find their future wives that way.  If your groomsmen already have a knife, this one is is better then the one they currently have because it is in engraved.

3. Jaeger Bomb Shot Glasses – $19.99

This is a great groomsmen gift for your party animal friend.  For the guy who lives on adrenaline and appreciates the container that serves him most appropriately.  Personalize it and you have one fantastic and cool groomsmen gift.  

4. Credit Card Bottle Opener – $14.99

This gift might be more of a stocking stuffer than a full blown groomsmen gift, maybe a goodie you stash in the man duffle bag.  If there was an affordable rater this is a cool groomsmen gift that would get high marks in that category. The day and age of the key chain bottle opener’s are over.  No one wants to carry around the janitor sized key chain anymore jingling away like Santa Claus.  No man should impose on another man what to attach to their keys.  This gift is clever, handy, affordable, light weight and effective.  What more could you ask for in this one of our more affordable groomsmen gifts.  

5. Personalized Shot Glass with Medallion – $14.99

Knock down a celebratory shot with some personalization with this cool little set of medallion emblazoned glasses.  These could be used as a gathering tool for any of your groomsmen to celebrate special events throughout life or just as a good reason to knock down some tequila.  Your call.

If any of the above groomsmens gifts under 20 dollars aren’t what you were looking for, be sure to check out our full list of affordable groomsmen gifts.