The 5 Best Pranks to Play on Your Fiance During Wedding Planning Stress Time

Some say laughter is the best elixir for any crisis.  It lightens the mood, it’s contagious.  We all know wedding planning is stressful and so much of the time, we take it way too serious.  Sometimes we need to step back from the drain that is wedding planning to understand what the fundamental reason is to why you’re tying the knot to begin with – to be with and enjoy the rest of your life with that person.  The key word there is “enjoy”.  I remember the early days with my wife, throwing cold water on each other in the shower, blowing shaving cream on each other.   That was great stuff and what made us feel closer and connected.  Don’t let the stress of any part of your relationship trump your ability to have fun and laugh with your partner.  It’s more important than any one day.  That said, a few of our favorite pranks to play in the comfort of your own home.  Be prepared to fight off a little bit of initial venom, but once that calms, the two of you will laugh….until revenge sets in.   You might want to also use a few of these pranks on your groomsmen, or the groom, during the bachelor party.   

Talcum Powder in the Hair Blow Dryer 

Whoa boy, this is a good one.  Venom factor on this one is going to be high because it may mean your gal is going to have to re-shower.  Simply load the front end of her hair blow dryer with some baby power, set it nicely where she’d expect to use after her shower.  She will aim, fire and when she expects the gentle warm air to emit, out will blow a blast of thick cloud in the face.  You may have a blow dryer chucked at your head after, but if your girl has a sense of humor, it’s something you’ll laugh about for a long time. 


Bouillon cube in the Shower Head 
This one is a bit more subtle, a bit more orchestrated.  If pulled, you’re partner will slowly realize they’re taking a shower in a stream of chicken or beef soup.  If you take a wrench and remove most standard shower heads, there will be a filtration screen in the cap that ties into the pipe.  By putting the bouillon cube above this screen and screw back on, all water running through will then stream into soup.  Awesome. 


Cling Wrap Over the Toilet 

Now this one could get messy, so have the mop ready.  If pulled properly, one of the best gags out there.  Pull some cling wrap over the porcelain part of the toilet, trim to size so no excess gives it away.  Hope it’s number 1 to avoid too much mess and you’ll be rolling on the floor. 


Rubber Band Around the Kitchen Sink Sprayer 

Totally sophomoric, absolutely juvenile, but 100% hysterical.  Wrap a strong rubber band taught around your kitchen sink sprayer with it aimed properly and the first person to go use will be blasted.  This one never gets old.  I might even do this weekly.  You can see a funny video of this prank in action by going here.


Cling Wrap Face Level in Doorway 

The message here, cling wrap is a very versatile gag material.  Run the cling wrap nice and tight face level across a commonly used doorway, then watch your lady do an unexpected face plant clothes line as she walks in.  It’s always best to be on the incoming side where you are hopefully set up with your iphone video recorder. 


Bottom line, don’t give up laughter in your relationship.  When things get too tight, try to find ways to laugh together.  Life is too short, nothing should be that tense.  Laughter is the glue that keeps two people close.  And don’t forget to use a few of these pranks on your groomsmen too!