Calling Out to All Grooms – The Wedding Vendor to Stay Close To

Groovy Groomsman GuyLet’s get real fellas, the focus of most of the wedding out there is the bride. Think about all the traditional rituals and stereotypes. Outside of the bachelor party, it’s basically all about the lady in white.  There are bridezillas, not groomzillas. Do guys care about flowers and invitations and all the delicate frills associated with a wedding? Typically not, at least not those guys marrying a woman. Bottom line, the bride is the center piece, the rest of us…accessories. Well it doesn’t have to be that way across the board.   We realize you guys want to feel a little more important during the whole process, your opinion to count, your input to be valued.  

Let’s get real, there are elements of the wedding that just aren’t going to be conducive to your input. The flowers for instance, if you have input on whether its hydrangeas or daisies, you may want to extend the engagement, buy some time and rethink life as a whole. Us men looking to follow through according to the traditional track, we need to pick our battles wisely. We need to find the opportunities to splash our personal touch on the day so the audience knows we aren’t walking into a union where we will forever be only an accessory. It is time men, it is time to establish our pride, to fortify our position in life and the level the playing field in this thing called marriage.  There is something you should care about, and making sure your guest are ENTERTAINED is one of them.  

In Comes The DJ

By and large, DJ’s are often men. By and large, DJ’s are tired of playing the same old Journey tunes.   They, like you, are chomping to extend themselves and open it up. It is an easy developed alliance. You may even find yourself looking at this DJ man as a sounding board, a wedding prep therapist or a soulmate to understanding whether you have a spine anymore. He has participated in hundreds of weddings and knows what works and what does not work at a wedding.  He will take your out for a beer to tell you about it. Use this critical piece to your advantage; he is the knight, the beacon, the guiding light. He has seen many a man lose his self-esteem wondering whether their say has fallen into the deep abyss. 

A Few Tips to Think About When Picking a Wedding DJ 

1.) References.You want to make sure you are hiring a professional wedding DJ that has worked at a lot of weddings before.  The more experience the better, and there is no better way to figure out how good a DJ is then asking references.  You don’t want to hire a DJ that just started his business that you found on Craigslist and only charges $400.  Forget saving a few hundred dollars on your wedding DJ when they are the single most important aspect in making sure your guests have a good time.  We aren’t sure this DJ would receive the best references:


    2.) Equipment.  A lot of new DJ’s have popped up all over the place and they just don’t have the proper equipment to be a professional DJ.  You need great equipment and backups in case something goes wrong.  This gets expensive, but any legit DJ will understand the importance of having proper equipment and will tell you all about what they will bring to your wedding.  You don’t want to get caught in this situation on your wedding day: 



    3.) Personality.  Your DJ’s personality is super important when selecting a DJ. Make sure you find somebody that is fun, professional, and will be treat your guests with respect. A lot of DJ’s know a ton about music and mixing it up, but at your wedding you are going to want them to have a sense of professionalism and fun with your wedding guests.  Remember that they are going to be on the microphone several times at your wedding, so you want them to be presentable when they are in front of your guests. Case and point demonstrated below:



    4.) Cost. If you are like 90% of the other couples out there, you are probably going over your budget and need to cut costs somewhere.  Your wedding DJ typically is a much smaller cost then the rest of the vendors at your wedding, don’t skimp and try and save a few hundred dollars on the DJ.  Hire someone that you know will have the dance floor rocking, the party at your reception is going to be a lot more memorable then the flowers, centerpieces, or choice of appetizers.  You probably don’t want this to happen at your wedding:



    In this time of building the perfect wedding recipe, you need to find your allies men. While calling this World War II might be sensationalizing a bit, you may want to devise an approach similar to trained spy. Don’t give away your hand, operate stealth and keep to clandestine navigation. Here is where to look to add your touch, find your vendor friends and work with those elements that can help you have presence during your huge wedding day.

    Here is your opportunity new groom, via music, to keep your stance, to permeate your guests with your half of this thing called marriage.   Squeeze in a Metallica remix for a bit, have a moment where you recreate a mosh pit at a concert you went to with your guys back in college.   The options are endless, but those options are yours, not the bride and that’s all that matters.   No one wants to be at a wedding that is dominated by Taylor Swift and love ballads anyway.

    That said, we want to offer you list of those DJ’s whereas if there was a dual certification in knowing fresh music and understanding the therapeutic remedies of frustrated grooms to be, it would be these. They have range, they are men whisperers, they will rebuild you and most importantly, design a play list that makes you feel like you are cared for.