Mix and Match: How to style white gold jewelry

aneversary ring

White gold jewelry is one of the easiest and most versatile metals to style because it’s relatively neutral, and therefore it goes with most everything. However, there are some tricks to styling white gold jewelry that really make the look pop. Read on to find our favorite style hacks for looking like a million bucks!

Neutrals Are Glamorous

If you want to look like a classic movie star, sophisticated heiress, or even just a chic French woman, opting for neutrals is the easiest way to do it. Dressing in dark, neutrals colors also allows you to wear more bling. That’s because it offers a subtle palette that contrasts well with your white gold jewelry. (Not to mention that dressing in all black or other neutrals makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. Everything matches!)

Less is Truly More

Coco Chanel famously advised women to take one accessory off before heading out the door. Because white gold jewelry is so luxurious, you don’t need a lot of it to make a bold statement. Therefore, try to stick with one or two eye-popping accessories. For example, opt for white gold earrings and a white gold ring. Or wear a ring and a diamond necklace. But don’t wear all three. It can easily make the look gawdy. (An exception to this rule might be very special occasions like a white-tie affair.)

Don’t Be Afraid of Experimentation

There is no rule that says all your jewelry must be the same metal. However, it can be hard to pull off white gold with yellow gold and copper. So I would stick to white gold with one other metal maximum. And it works best if the pieces aren’t right next to one another. For instance, you could wear a white gold anniversary ring with yellow gold earrings or a necklace. But it might look strange to pair yellow gold jewelry with a white gold ring. There are no hard and fast rules, but if it looks out of place, it’s probably wise to explore another jewelry combination.

Add A Pop of Color

Jewel tones look especially great with white gold jewelry. The neutral aspect of white gold makes rich colors like fuchsia, turquoise, burgundy, and royal purple look regal, daring, and sophisticated. Feel free to play with color! Perhaps you can pair a neutral skirt with a bold top or don black pumps with a deep pink dress. It’s all about experimentation. Allow yourself to try something new, even if it isn’t exactly “your style.” That’s how you make fashion discoveries.

Remember, you can also invest in white gold jewelry that incorporates beautiful colored stones like sapphire and jade. This looks especially great with the neutral palette discussed earlier. Nothing says “stunning” like a little black dress, sunglasses, and a diamond and ruby ring!

How do you style your white gold? Leave your comments in the space below.