Antique Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings: Modern Takes on Classic Styles

If you love vintage wedding band designs, but don’t want to pay a vintage price tag, don’t worry! Antique-style rings are in this year, and there are plenty of gorgeous designs out there to choose from. For a look that is both classic and affordable, keep an eye out for the following elegantly traditional designs:

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Popular in Victorian and Art Deco engagement rings, gemstone center and accent stones can give any ring a classic era look. For optimal authenticity, make either rubies, sapphires, or emeralds your stone of choice. Many vintage rings incorporate baguette-cut gemstones in an elegant halo around a marquise center stone, or even feature a  gem center stone surrounded by diamond accents. As well as giving your ring an enchanting vintage look, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds add a splash of color to your wedding set that is guaranteed to draw the eye.

Elongated Settings

Particularly reminiscent of the Art Deco era, elongated settings are timelessly elegant. From rectangular settings measuring up to 2 inches in length, to wide oval settings, this classic look is sure to draw attention to your wedding set. As an added advantage, with an elongated setting, there’s no need to break the bank. Between their size and intricate filigree, elongated settings are eye-catching enough all by themselves–and even look best when accentuated by diamond accents rather than large solitaire stones.


Marquise Stones

Although featured alone a marquise stone may not be enough to create a vintage look, they are an important feature of many vintage rings. For a look that is truly classic, combine your marquise center stone with a wide gold or platinum setting, studded with a halo of diamond or gemstone accent stones. Rather than featuring a solitaire marquise, many vintage designs include a marquise-shaped setting studded with a myriad of accent stones.

Initial Engravings

To give your wedding band a vintage touch, have the inside of your band custom-engraved with a classic cursive script featuring your initials, your fiancee’s initials, and the date of your nuptials. As well as adding a personal touch to your ring, this simple addition will make you a part of a wedding band tradition that goes back for centuries. If your jewelry retailer doesn’t offer custom engravings, you can send your ring out to any number of engraving specialists after the wedding. If you have room on your inner-band, you can even consider make your ring truly one-of-a-kind by adding a quote or saying to your engraving.

Reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era, diamond-shaped settings are a stunning classic, and can even have a fantastic slimming effect on the  hands and fingers.  A standout look, diamond-shaped settings are a the-bigger-the-better jewelry feature. Combine gemstones and diamond accents in your setting for a gorgeous finish that is sure to draw envy and attention wherever you go. To add an extra layer of authenticity to your vintage look, have your ring crafted in platinum or 18k white gold (both popular in era jewelry).