Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

Your engagement ring is likely to be one of the biggest jewellery decisions of your life. It should therefore be timeless and sophisticated, but also stylish. No pressure! It’s not always easy to know what design you would like for such a commitment piece, so it could help to stay informed on the latest engagement ring fashions for the year. 

Rose-Tinted Rings 

Evoking softness and warmth, rose gold is becoming highly popular in engagement ring designs. If you like the idea of it but don’t want your entire engagement ring to be set in rose gold, you can incorporate small flashes of its romance, or use it as an accent color. The bonus of rose gold is that it is highly versatile for use in both modern and vintage-styled rings.
engagement rings

Candy Diamond Centers 

Engagement rings should be highly personal and reflect the woman’s style. Luckily, one of the engagement ring trends this year is that of colorful center diamonds. Think juicy lemon yellow or watermelon pink. An extra way to make this even more special is to opt for birthstones as the ring’s focal point, such as emeralds or rubies. That way, this trend gains greater meaning and symbolism. 

Eternity Bands 

You might think of an eternity wedding band as only suitable for your wedding ring, but a current trend is to use it as an engagement ring. Since it is filled with diamonds all around it, it always makes a glamorous declaration. Stacking rings has become a general jewellery trend, and it can also work with your eternity band engagement ring. When you pair it with your eternity wedding ring, you achieve a stylish duo that will always look gorgeous. 

Creative Bands 

The band of your engagement ring doesn’t have to be plain. This year sees a rise in decorative ones to increase your ring’s eye-catching factor. It’s a great way to make the ring very personal too, as the band can contain a variety of designs, such as floral patterns, twists, antique designs and more, for both brides and grooms.

engagement rings

Shape Shifters 

If you want something other than a round solitaire diamond, it’s great to know there are loads of shapes and cuts at your disposal. These choices are becoming very popular as brides want to have something a little different than what is regarded mainstream. Many celebrities have been jumping on this trend, such as Kaley Cuoco and Blake Lively. 

A popular shape for rings is the heart-shaped diamond. This strikes a very romantic and sentimental note. The process of cutting the diamond into a heart shape requires it to be done in such a way that the heart’s outline has to be highly defined and symmetrical. This makes it artistic and striking.

When you’ve chosen your shape, you can also make use of another trend to use with it: that of adding a pattern of diamonds around it, known as a halo, which is also great if you want to update an older or vintage style, such as that of a pear-shaped diamond. 

Engagement ring fashion definitely dictates a more individualized approach this year, with the rise of fashionable yet personal pieces that will make a statement for years to come.