My Jewel Box: Trikona Ring from Krysos + Chandi #LoveGold

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There’s nothing more perfect than a gold ring that can transform your jewelry wardrobe by being able to mix and match with what you already have.  The Trikona ring by Krysos + Chandi is the best example I have come across! You can call it a “crown” or a “zig zag” or even a “golden squiggle” but whatever you think it looks like, you will be surprised at how many different ways you can wear it!  

The Trikona ring is a custom piece, done in 14k yellow gold, made in NYC.  The design is a contemporary celebration of the geometric mysticism of the triangle.  The pointy shape is very on-point (no pun intended) with fashion and as well as design. I used six different rings of my own to play with to create different looks with my two Trikona rings.  Rings I used:


  • a 14k wide black enamel band
  • a 14k gold prong set turquoise band
  • several paper thin 14k gold bands
  • a 14k gold circular eternity band
  • an 18k gold X-pattern cut-out band
  • my Brian Brundage double marquise diamond ring in 14k gold


After playing for hours, we set out for a fun photoshoot located at a haunted Confederate cemetery from the Civil War.  We thought we surely would be spooked, but luckily a class of 5-6 year olds was busy touring the area, and kept us from losing our cool.  Across from the cemetery is a mansion that served as a makeshift hospital during the Battle of Franklin, tending to more than 300 wounded soldiers, with estimates of about 2,500 dead from that battle alone.  The stark white fence that encircled the plantation was an abrupt symbol to all that went down 150 years ago…but acted as the perfect backdrop to some bright golden rings.  We took the last few snapshots and made sure to leave before the sun got too low!  Here’s to Halloween and stacking rings!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold