My Jewel Box: A Clover, A Gator, &Diamonds!

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After browsing the “My Jewel Box” category, I realized there are quite a few pieces from my personal collection that are missing!  I’ve always had it as my goal to write about every piece in my collection and file it under this category, but c’est la vie, right?!  Trying to catch up as best as I can in the next few days!  

The first photo features four of my all-time favorite rings along with a pair of costume jewelry clip-on earrings that have a very special meaning.  Let’s start from the bottom (cuz now we’re here) this ring is from the Jewelry Box of Lake Forest and you can read its full story here. The next ring is insane and I cannot believe what a good deal I got off eBay, you can read its full story here.  The ring set with a web of diamonds and sapphires is my first pawn shop score ever–and to think I almost didn’t get it because I had just moved to Tennessee and didn’t quite have any money/job…luckily layaway is a thing and this pawn shop offered it!  No matter how much my style has changed since seven years ago–that ring is still one of my favorites. The top ring I bought myself for my 30th birthday, it was an eBay score and a “make offer” deal. The costume earrings were bought by my mom at a garage sale years ago, I remember her buying them and I also remember all the flea markets and garage sales she brought me to growing up.  I think that is where my treasure hunting instinct began.

The second photo features two odd rings from my collection and I say odd because if one would not think of these rings when describing my style.  I actually love these rings and for some reason they easily transport me to feeling very cool. The alligator ring is stamped 14k Italy and is from Joint Venture Jewelry–I spotted it on their website one day while browsing, something I like to do at least once a month.  They always have some neat things!  The gun ring is one of those types of rings that resemble a gumball machine kind of ring–it is even just as lightweight as one, but this one is actually the real deal.  It has a sort of badassness to it.

The last picture is one of my favorite stacks ever and favorite photos ever (it is currently my iPhone background).  I’m wearing a Tiffany & Co. open Atlas ring on my pinky (a gift from Matt for my 30th birthday), my engagement ring, and Edwardian Old Mine cut diamond ring and the newest addition–a natural pearl and diamond clover ring from Joden Jewelers in Grove City, PA–which came home with me from my Pennsylvania Jewelry Road Trip!

What are some new rings you’ve added to your collection?!