My Jewel Box: Diamond Cage Ring by ChinCharMaloney


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I’ve never had a jewelry designer tell me that they were inspired by me and my style when designing a specific piece, until now!  Meet the Diamond Cage ring, a part of ChinChar Maloney‘s newly launched Diamond Deco Collection.  I pretty much think they nailed it on this one!  If you can see from the above photos, if you turn the ring, you get a different look each time.  I can come up with three different looks based on how it is worn–I love that!  I have it stacked with another ring of theirs as well, the Lock & Key ring, which warms my heart just glancing at it!

ChinChar Maloney is excited to launch this labor of love of theirs–the Diamond Deco Collection–which mixes simple elegance with an Art Deco feel.  Like their other collections, many of the pieces in the Diamond Deco line-up are able to mix and match, with stacking possibilities that are endless.  Lots of angles and contouring lines, with dashes of diamonds mixed in! Check out the entire collection here.

Another favorite is ChinChar Maloney’s natural colored diamond engagement ring selection. For those that want something incredibly unique, a diamond that is natural and uncut is quite spectacular.  With engagement season in full-swing, and future brides wanting things to be more and more “one-of-a-kind,” these are the perfect fit!  Check out the entire natural diamond engagement ring collection here.