My Jewel Box: Mixing Old &New

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A big part of my jewelry style philosophy is mixing old, vintage and antique, with new.  There’s definitely an artform to it, with the process being very inspirational and almost meditative to me.  I’ve brought out some favorites of my jewelry box and played around–some pieces I haven’t written about–and even one tiny new addition that I’m really happy about!  More below:

First photo:

  • Pearl & Diamond sideways crossover ring, circa late 1800s, purchased from eBay with the intention of selling but couldn’t part with!
  • 18k yellow gold coral and sapphire vintage ring, circa 1960s, purchased on a jewelry road trip to Ohio. The full story on that ring here!
  • a figure-8 pearl and sapphire conversion ring, given to me by Matt for Christmas 2013–he says it is from eBay

Second photo:

  • my love for antique baby rings continues, as I have an affinity toward any with a D engraved; my newest comes from Antique Jewelry Addiction (furthest on left), I spotted it in an Instagram post, which featured several other antique baby rings for sale.  The others are from eBay!

 Third photo:

  • the REGARD ring is my only acrostic Victorian piece I own–I got it from @alyssaniki in what was my first ever “trade” which was a fun idea–I gave her a pair of watermelon tourmaline earrings for this ring
  • Emma Fringe ring in 14k yellow gold from Ashley Childs
  • a 9k British cluster ring featuring a citrine and pearls, purchased from eBay


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