Brian Gavin Signature Series Review

Did you know that the inventories of most online diamond businesses are actually generated by compiling a range of different databases together? Through a programmed user interface, the available stock from suppliers around the world can now be browsed by a shopper. In most cases, this resulting database is searchable using ordinary terms and filters like carat, cut, color and etc.

That’s not in the case of Brian Gavin diamonds, though. They use nifty terms like “Brian Gavin Signature“, “Brian Gavin Blue” and “Brian Gavin Select” to brand their in-house inventory. Don’t be confused by these seemingly un-ordinary names. These are diamonds that meet a set of stringent criteria established by Brian Gavin and are classified as their special collections.

Now, This is Where Brian Gavin Diamonds Stands Out Shining…

The “Brian Gavin Signature” series showcases some of the best performing diamonds you can ever find in terms of optics. Currently, their signature line consists of the following: Round Hearts & Arrows, Blue (diamonds with fluorescence), Princess Cuts and Cushion Cuts. The point here is that they don’t make any empty claims but substantiate their signature diamonds with in-depth technical data for shoppers.


Maintaining the Highest Standards for Cut

Did you know that every single diamond in their signature series had been hand picked and personally examined by Brian Gavin? This is done in order to maintain the utmost quality control.

Having established himself as one of the pioneers in high performance stones, Brian Gavin’s signature diamonds speak for themselves and measures up to the reputation synchronous of this living legend.


Let’s Dive Into An Example Of What You Would Expect to See…

brian gavin's signature hearts and arrows

You can click here to view this diamond with the virtual loupe technology at BGD…

On each listing page, provides a convenient layout of images and other relevant data which are easily accessible with a few mouse clicks. Besides that, they also provide a 20X virtual loupe which enables you to examine the diamond in greater detail.

Note: the standard image provided is approximately taken at 10X magnification.


  • Did you know that each signature diamond is also checked for eye cleanliness prior to being listed? To get better value for your money, you might want to consider buying eye-clean diamonds in the SI clarity ranges.

    Paul GianWhy Should You Pay More For Features That You Can’t Appreciate With The Naked Eye?


    The Use Of Tools to Gauge Optical Performance

    For technically savvy shoppers, it would please you to know there are various tools available help you evaluate their diamonds. As seen in the images below, the Idealscope/ASET images can help you analyze the diamond’s light performance.

    In this example, the spectrum of colors indicates excellent light return and minimal light leakage in the diamond. On the far right, a well-balanced hearts patterning imagery indicates the precise craftsmanship used to attain perfect optical symmetry.

    super ideal cut diamonds with light performance data

    From left to right: ASET image, Idealscope image, symmetrical hearts image

    As I dug deeper into their inventory, I was pleased to find a high level of consistency in their signature diamonds. Each signature diamond also meets the highest standards of AGS’s light performance cut grading of triple ideal 0s.

    customized ags report for top of the line diamonds

    Extracted details of AGS lab report for light performance

    You can click here to browse through more diamonds and critically examine details for yourself.

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