Pricing Comparisons of Abazias Vs Other Online Stores

With a mighty bold claim that their prices are 25% cheaper than most online stores, we decide to put their statement to the test and dig deeper.

B2CJewels vs Abazias

( 0.82 Carat IF D Colour Heart Shaped Diamond )

b2cjewels vs abazias

higher priced diamond listing

Comparison: JamesAllen vs Abazias

( 1.00 Carat D – VVS1 Excellent Cut Round Diamond )

abazias vs james allen

same exact diamond is listed for more

Comparison: Brian Gavin Diamonds vs Abazias

( 1.02 Carat D – IF Excellent Cut Round Diamond )

brian gavin price comparison

brian gavin vs. abazias

You can probably do the math and see the price differences across 3 other vendors yourself.

In all 3 cases, diamonds priced by Abazias were not 25% lower.

Mind you, these are comparisons of the same exact diamonds with same exact grading certificates (and I’m NOT simply comparing stones with similar specifications).

Feel free to do your own comparisons of prices and quality at James Allen and Whiteflash.

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