Brian Gavin Blue

The “Brian Gavin Blue” signature series consists of ideally cut diamonds with medium to strong blue fluorescence. In essence, these diamonds are specifically targeted at people looking for better value and want to see their diamonds glow under UV lighting.

For market driven reasons, fluorescence is deemed “undesirable” by most consumers because of wide-spread misinformation. Now, I need to emphasize that fluorescence in itself isn’t a bad thing and is usually a choice of personal preference.

If you love to see your diamond spotting a bluish glow in UV lighting, why not? It’s the best of both worlds; you get cheaper prices and a jewelry of your liking. For the record, I want to say I personally love buying diamonds with fluorescence. Not only can you enjoy lower prices, fluorescence can make diamonds with lower color grades face up whiter!

Below is a comparison of prices between diamonds with and without fluorescence.

brian gavin blue review on prices

Let’s Review One of the Listed Blue Signature in More Details…

1.114 Carat I Color VS2 Clarity Blue Round Brilliant

signature brian gavin blue diamond review

In order for a diamond to be labeled as a signature cut, it must obtain an AGS triple ‘0’ grading for light performance, symmetry and polish. Besides this prerequisite, each of these diamonds are personally inspected by Brian Gavin to filter out those with milky characteristics and poor visual appearances before they make the cut (pun intended).

One of the things I love about BGD signature diamonds is that you are not “buying blind”. Besides a 20X virtual loupe technology which allows you to inspect the diamond up close, ASET/Idealscope images are also readily available to help you evaluate brilliance and light performance.

idealscope and aset image of bgd blue diamond

ASET & Idealscope images both show stunning optics…

diamond glowing in UV lighting

Cool looking picture of the 1.114 carats diamond glowing in UV conditions

Check Out This Video a Customer Made With His Purchase…



As you can see for yourself, ideally cut diamonds look great in various types of environments. From the typical spot lighting found in shopping malls to dim candle lit restaurant rooms, the explosive display of fire and sparkle is simply breathtaking. That’s what you would expect to get from every single diamond in this carefully screened signature line.

Quenching The Misconceptions About Fluorescence

I am sure you had heard of some bad vibes surrounding diamonds with fluorescence and how they can cause a diamond to look milky. The primary cause of this is due to people who buy diamonds “blindly” and don’t understand what they had gotten themselves into. That’s why you always need to see videos or images of the diamond before you make any purchase!

In the case of Brian Gavin’s signature blue series, you are assured of the diamond’s quality due to the stringent physical checks in place. This is also verifiable with the information that is listed for any particular diamond. For shoppers looking for fluorescent diamonds, I highly recommend you to check out Brian Gavin!

Moving on, I want to talk about the inner workings of buying fancy shaped diamonds from Brian Gavin’s virtual consignment inventory. I also want to review diamonds from the “Select” category and present my findings to you…