Playful jewels to show your love on Mother’s Day

Mothers are marvellous creatures and, as such, displays of affection should be similarly fabulous. While there are many ways to tell a mother she is loved through jewellery – lockets hiding tiny photographs, a homemade friendship bracelet – my selection of modern, luxurious and downright cool Mother’s Day jewellery is the fun way to get the message across.    

Get the message across with this rose gold, ruby and diamond ring from The Words collection by Sydney Evan ($705).

For mums who appreciate the humour of an emoji, why not blow her a kiss with a piece by Alison Lou? Her gold and ruby pendant is sure to brighten your mum’s day, as is the smiley face diamond ring by Rosa de la Cruz. A range of Sydney Evan jewellery also features some fun pieces that spell out messages of love and encouragement, as well as a rose gold, diamond and ruby ring that spells out I Heart U. 

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Continuing the playful, childish theme in luxurious materials is the new Memories collection by Kiki McDonough, which sets sweet, cartoonish diamond pavé creatures on gold bracelets. No mother could look at the duck bracelet and fail to be taken back to cherished bath-time memories.  

For more sophisticated reminders of her brood that she can wear every day, a failsafe piece of Mother’s Day jewellery is a design that stylishly incorporates children’s initials. New York jewellery brand Sarah Chloe, which was in fact named after designer Zahava Reismin’s first daughter, has a great selection of initial jewellery, including simple letter stacking rings that can be added with the birth of each new child, and gold open rings from the Rocha collection that can be engraved with two initials.     

This Jennifer Meyer Mommy necklace in gold and diamonds comes complete with a splash of irony (£2,700).

And for those mothers out there with a healthy sense of humour, or perhaps a love of irony, why not take a classic bad-taste jewel and turn it on its head with a purchase from trendsetting jewellery designer Jennifer Meyer, who has solid gold and diamond necklaces at the ready for mums, moms and mommies.  

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  • Alison Lou Mwa! necklace

    Mwa! necklace

    Alison Lou

    $ 1,650

  • Rosa De La Cruz gold and diamond Smile ring

    Smile gold and diamond ring

    Rosa de la Cruz

    £ 1,780

  • Little ducky bracelet Kiki McDonough

    Memories Diamond Duck bracelet

    Kiki McDonough

    £ 795

  • Sarah Chloe Rocha open ring in yellow gold

    Open Rocha-double round ring

    Sarah Chloe

    £ 298

  • Jennifer Meyer Mommy necklace

    Mommy diamond necklace

    Jennifer Meyer

    £ 2,700

  • Sydney Evan ruby and diamond ring

    Rose gold ruby and diamond ring

    Sydney Evan

    $ 705