Christmas Marriage Proposal Tips, Hints and Ideas

The holidays are a time to show those that you love just how much you care – and because your sweetheart is The One, you want to show her the ultimate declaration of love by proposing! Christmas is a magical season for marriage proposals, since the perfect engagement ring is the ultimate gift for that special woman in your life. But if you’re not sure how to take advantage of this special season, not to worry – these tips, hints and ideas will ensure that this Christmas marks the first step in your journey with the love of your life.

When Should You Pop The Question? Of course, the first issue that springs to mind is when you should pop the big question. Should you wait for Christmas day? What about Christmas Eve? Should you hold off until New Years’ Eve, or should you guarantee a merry Christmas by proposing before the holidays get into full swing? Christmas morning proposals are certainly the most popular time to drop down on one knee, but no matter which time you pick, it’s important to take this next question into consideration.


Should It Be A Public Event Or Private Affair? This can be a tricky one for many men: some women adore the excitement and attention that she’ll receive from a public proposal, while other women might appreciate a more intimate and private marriage proposal. Therefore, if you’re still considering which time of the Christmas season is right for proposing, take into account your sweetheart’s own personal preferences. If she adores the idea of a public proposal, then a Christmas Eve or New Years’ Eve party can make an excellent backdrop for a magical proposal she’ll always remember. If she prefers sharing that tender moment with you and only you, then Christmas day might provide a great opportunity if it’s a day that’s mostly shared between the two of you.

Great Christmas Proposal Ideas. Looking for the perfect way to incorporate the holiday season into your marriage proposal? Give this idea a try: hang the ring box on the Christmas tree (choose a spot that’s not immediately noticeable) and wait until the last present has been opened. Have your sweetie search through the tree to find the box, or simply retrieve it yourself and propose!

Another great idea is to wrap the ring box in larger boxes, so that your sweetheart will have to unwrap several boxes to get to her perfect engagement ring. It’s a humorous way to propose, and will make a great story to tell at the wedding!

For the man who wants to make the grand gesture, why not spell out “Will You Marry Me?” in lights on the side of your house? Your sweetheart will absolutely love your creativity – and you’re sure to get a few appreciative comments from passer-bys!

Engagement Ring Recommendations. Don’t forget, you’ll want a stunning and unique engagement ring to set the tone for that magical Christmas proposal! While the perfect engagement ring will depend on the tastes of your sweetheart, popular yet traditional styles like the diamond solitaire engagement ring and the princess-cut engagement ring will win major points with any bride-to-be. Choose a platinum band to highlight the diamond’s brilliancy and clarity, or opt for white-gold if you’ve got a tighter budget.