Engagement Ring Shopping During the Holidays

The Christmas shopping season is a great time for you to buy an engagement ring. You know about all the sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve-and it should be no surprise that jewelry retailers are in on this game. This is the time of year for huge discounts on jewelry. What better idea than to take advantage of holiday savings, and buy an engagement ring to save for that perfect time? Think about these tips to make the most of holiday shopping.


Make the Most of Discounts. Many men picture proposing during beautiful weather-maybe on the beach in the summertime. But shopping during those months can be a pain. Many men have the same idea and rings are pricier during that time of the year. What you can do is take advantage of holiday discounts, where jewelry retailers offer gigantic bargains. Also, online shopping is a smart way to save. For example, a white gold engagement ring with a one carat diamond generally retails for thousands of dollars less during the Christmas shopping season.

The selection hasn’t changed during this time of the year. It’s still impressive. You can go with the old standard solitaire ring, or think a little bigger with fancy or antique rings. It is wise to even think about buying the wedding band now, too. These discount diamond wedding rings will help you save some cash in the long run. If you are tight on money this year, buying an engagement ring and proposing on Christmas means savings. It can save you the added expense of buying both a gift and a ring!

Budget-Friendly Alternatives. Everyone is tight on money during this time of the year, but you can still buy a great ring without selling a few organs for the money! If you were saving for a platinum ring, think about a few other options. Palladium is a metal much like platinum in that it is white and damage resistant. But it is much cheaper than platinum! White gold is another option for a light colored metal. It is cheaper than both palladium and platinum. But remember that the rhodium plating that gives the metal its white appearance should be replaced every twelve to eighteen months. If you think she would prefer gold, choose 14K gold over 18K. 14K gold is a cheaper alternative, and most people won’t be able to see a difference.

When it comes to the diamond, there are a few ways to save money, too. The carat is a measurement of how large a diamond is. You might be on the lookout for a huge diamond that will impress her. But keep in mind that a diamond’s price leaps at whole carat weights. What does that mean? A 1 carat diamond is much more expensive than a.9 carat diamond. But the difference in size is difficult for the average person to observe. You can even make the most of stone shapes for that diamond to appear larger. Buy a diamond in a square or rectangular shape, which tend to look bigger than round stones.

Make the most of your engagement ring shopping during the holidays. You want to wow her with that ring-but not clean out your bank account!