A Guide to Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands

mens wedding bands

If you’re like most men, then your wedding band will be one of the few pieces of jewelry you ever wear. As strong as the temptation may be to simply grab the first one you see and call it a day (after all, you just spent the past six months picking out your fiancee’s ring), putting a little more consideration into the matter will award you with a much better end result. To start out, let’s take a look at the kind of designs you’ll be able to choose from:


If you have Irish blood, then choosing a wedding band featuring the ancient Claddagh symbol is more than appropriate. Representing love, loyalty, and friendship, the Claddagh is displayed on many men’s rings. You might have seen the symbol before: two hands holding a crowned heart. If your band features a single Claddagh, then wearing it facing inwards indicates that your heart is taken. Many Claddagh bands are two-tone gold, with the Claddagh crafted in yellow gold, and the outer band in white. However you choose to wear your Claddagh, the timeless symbol is a classic and sophisticated way to represent your commitment.


For a wedding ring that stands out in the crowd and has a little added flair, choose a diamond-set band. Diamond bands come in many varieties, with channel settings perhaps the most popular amongst grooms-to-be. Channel-set diamonds are embedded into the ring rather than prong-set, preventing the stones from falling out or catching on clothing. Channel-set diamonds usually run in a row across the front of the band, or wrap all the way around. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, however, then you might prefer a simple bezel-set solitaire. Similar to channel-set diamonds, bezel-set diamonds do not catch easily, and are well protected by their metal frame.


Select an edgy, modernist look with a square wedding band. Square wedding bands have flat rather than circular planes, but still conform to your finger like a regular ring. Traditionally a male design, a square band can add an extra touch of masculinity to your jewelry. For a stand-out look, choose a square band with polished planes and a diamond accent.


Choosing a Celtic wedding band is a great way to celebrate your Celtic heritage. Many Celtic bands feature the trinity knot, worn on wedding jewelry to symbolize faith, love, and honor. The trinity knot has also been adapted for use in Catholicism, where it represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Other Celtic bands feature the Claddagh (discussed earlier), and traditional emblems designed to represent unity, good luck, and eternal life.

mens wedding bands

His & Hers

His & hers wedding bands can be any style, as long as they match. Chosen as a sign of unity, his & hers bands often feature interlocking patterns or mirror images. And if you can both agree on the same style, it’s certainly a good sign that your marriage will be a successful one! If you’re having difficulty in choosing a style that fits both of your tastes, then you can always have your rings custom designed to incorporate a little bit of both your personalities.