The Nettuno and Mercurio are perfect for sitting in the trattoria while sipping a Negroni

The sun sets over the coliseum. The sky turns pink. Your perfectly cuffed pants slide up over your bare ankles to expose a tanned shin. Your Pegasus Mercurio glints in the lamplight. You’re at peace.

Why? It’s not because you’re in Rome. in fact, it’s because you’re wearing an “Italian Aged” and Italian-designed watch from Pegasus. The two models, the Nettuno and the Mercurio, have a certain look about them that is obviously familiar but all of the detailing – from the aged straps to the handsome faces – are unique to Pegasus.

These automatic pieces cost $369 for early birds and come on multiple strap styles including a beautiful Milanese band for about $40 extra. They’ve already surpassed their goal of $22,000 and they ship in April 2017.

A watch like this one isn’t a very hard sell. It has classic lines, a beautiful face, and the price is right. The most interesting thing, however, is that these things are “Aged in Italy.” But what does “Aged In Italy” mean?

We are launching the first “Aged in Italy” watch, 100% handcrafted by skilled artisans with absolute accuracy for every detail according to the traditional features of the twentieth century. We aim to manufacture brand new watches that look aged from the dial details to the packaging. The aging process requires great skill and is made possible by the experience of the best Italian craftsmen. Our mission is to revolutionize the market for vintage watches by offering a completely new product, more reliable and affordable than old watches. Sounds interesting? So keep reading

That’s right: this is a new watch that looks old. The hands have taken on that tan look of a classic watch made in the 1960s and worn with care and case and band harken back to long travels and rough weather. You’re basically going to look like a grizzled old NAVY Seal on shore leave if you strap this on.

Obviously “new old” isn’t for everyone but luckily the pieces aren’t distressed much more than their coloration. Both models are approximately the same but the Mercurio has a bicolor bezel. Both have exhibition backs with “aged sapphire” crystals.

So sop up the last of your ragu with a piece of delicious bread and drink the last of that delicious table wine. Then check the time on your Pegasus and hop on your Vespa because baby you got things to do and people to see. Italy waits for no man.