Carbon Auto features a carbon-rich atmosphere for your timekeeping survival

Carbon Auto is a Kickstarter watch with a mission: to strap carbon fiber to every part of your body, starting with your wrist. The pieces are pretty cool-looking. They come in standard and “semi-skeletonized” and each model includes multiple straps. The crowdfunding effort has already hit $19,000 so they’re sure to ship and this is the second watch from the team.

Early bird models cost a mere $138 and come with two straps, a leather and a nylon. The watches are lumed and come in multiple colors as long as you’re OK with some permutation of black and silver.

These sorts of Kickstarters are actually really exciting. While a three-handed auto doesn’t always float my boat it’s amazing to me to see that hundreds of small manufacturers can create and sell cool watches on their own terms. This is a massively important change in the industry and one that I think will buoy the entire  market.