India International Jewellery Week

LoveGold IIJW Net Golecha Jewellery News Adorn London

Juliet and I were lucky enough to spend last week at India International Jewellery Week in Mumbai in which we covered the catwalk shows – and specifically the gold jewellery trends –  in collaboration with LoveGold.

With 30 shows happening more than five days there was a lot to grab our attention, but what struck us most was the sheer variety of gold looks that came down the catwalk and which were captured by our fab photographer Nitin Patel.

Traditional techniques and classic Indian jewellery silhouettes were given innovative twists which updated collections in cool new ways that are sure to appeal to gold lovers everywhere.

For our main report see the LoveGold Facebook page. Here’s our pick of the rest…

LoveGold IIJW Amulet Rivaayat Jewellery News Adorn London


Gold jewellery in India is inextricably linked with ideas of wealth, prosperity and good fortune. We like Rivaayat’s exploration of this idea through the use of gold coins which embellish a striking necklace. The slender gold discs also act as a visual counterpoint to the necklace strand – which is made from hundreds of gold beads – and the large pectoral centerpiece.


We captured the gold head piece by Golecha (top image) backstage between shows. From a distance the gem-set golden links looked almost crocheted together and when the model moved they swayed like fabric.

LoveGold IIJW Connected GIA Jewellery News Adorn London


Hoop earrings were big news on the IIJW catwalks but the GIA‘s update on the traditional nathni was really something special. The exaggerated silhouette is pure theatre, whilst the slender gold chain hung with precious gem briolettes is the epitome of understated luxe. Oh, and we love the way the scrolling gold wire unravels around the ear!

LoveGold IIJW Connected Rivaayat Jewellery News Adorn London 2


Apala by Sumit‘s update on the ever popular armlet really caught our eye thanks to the combination of richly worked upper band with a more slender lower bangle, linked by a slick cascade of super polished flat link chain.

LoveGold IIJW Organic Nature Pallavi Foley Jewellery News Adorn London


Captured backstage, Pallavi Foley‘s necklace is composed of scrolling waves tumbled together to create a flattering collar. The asymmetric design and – if you look closely – the etched gold surfaces, give it winning contemporary appeal.

LoveGold Net GIA Jewellery News Adorn London


It was interesting to see a global trend based on ideas of protection translated into the gold jewellery at IIJW. As a variation on the breastplate theme this neckpiece by the GIA is comprised of dozens of gold petals mounted on a fine gold mesh. We picked this piece for its armour-like appeal.

LoveGold IIJW Crescent Pallavi Foley Jewellery News Adorn London


If we had a gold coin for every crescent motif that came down the catwalk at IIJW we’d be very rich indeed! The popular symbol of Hindu iconography, which is representative of feminine power, was particularly effective as the focal point of this earring by Pallavi Foley. What’s so clever about it is the way the designer has used openwork gold to create a lightweight but large scale solution. The addition of that chain cascade adds a dash of urban sass.

Photos: Nitin Patel