How to Personalize Your Engagement Ring

By making your own choices about the gemstones, metal and setting you can create a ring as unique as the relationship it celebrates.

If you’ve scoured the Internet, run yourself ragged through the mall or downtown and still can’t find a ring you really want, it may be time to consider creating your own. “Hey,” you may be thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about designing jewelry.” Don’t let that stop you — it’s not that difficult to create your own, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, as unique as the relationship and love it celebrates.

To build your own engagement ring, you need to focus on just a few key elements: the main gemstone (most often a diamond, though it doesn’t have to be), any additional stones, how they’re set and the metal band. From these simple elements spring an infinite number of possible combinations, including the perfect ring to match every personality and pocketbook. If that isn’t enough, you can customize your engagement ring by adding personal touches like engraving or anniversary markers.

Let’s start with the basics

Some people begin by choosing the perfect diamond (or other center stone), and others start by selecting the ideal engagement ring setting. Start with what feels natural to you — either path is fine.

Styles and settings

Many people are drawn to the style of the ring first — it doesn’t take a trained eye to see how a solitaire differs from a three-stone setting or how vintage differs from modern style.

Consider personal style and lifestyle, then research online, head to a store, and make sure the style you’re leaning toward is a good fit for the finger that will wear it.


Selecting your own gemstones is a perfect way to create a unique engagement ring. Start by working with your jeweler (or the onsite gemologist) to pick the perfect center stone for your style and budget. When looking at diamonds, you’ll want to consider the right shape to fit your selected style, plus the right mix of the diamond 4Cs to meet your needs.

While diamonds are the traditional favorite for engagement rings, they’re not everyone’s top choice. Opting for a color gemstone is way to add some pop to your design.

Some people choose their birthstone as a center stone, and it’s becoming increasingly popular to choose the birthstone of the month representing a couple’s first date, first kiss or even their upcoming wedding. And there’s nothing wrong with simply choosing a favorite color. The center gemstone you choose is limited only by personal preference.

Besides the center stone, many ring settings include side stones. Each one of these is another opportunity to choose what works for you, and to personalize your ring to match your own unique style.

Metal matters

Like the setting, a ring’s color will be one of the most striking aspects of your engagement ring, and color is the most discernible quality of the metal you choose. Yellow gold still reigns in terms of popularity, but white metals in the form of platinum or white gold fit many brides’ personal tastes better, and are also quite popular.

If you’re itching for something even more visually unique, look at rose gold and two-tone (usually white and yellow gold) options.

Personalized touches further customize your ring

You can also personalize your engagement ring with some touches that go beyond customizing the basic elements.


A popular way to personalize your engagement ring (or wedding bands) is to have them engraved with your wedding date and initials or a meaningful saying.

Engraving most commonly appears on the inside of the band, but it’s also possible (and fun!) to add decorative engraving to the exterior of some ring styles. If you think this is how you’d like to customize your ring, talk to your jeweler.

Leave room to customize after the wedding

Your engagement ring doesn’t have to stay static after saying “yes” and then “I do.” The story of your relationship is organic and growing, and your rings can reflect that. Here are some ideas:

  • Save your engraving for your first anniversary, and choose a saying that has new meaning based on your first year as husband and wife.
  • Choose a design that will allow you to add small customizations to mark special anniversaries. One idea is to have a small diamond or other gemstone added around the band at your five- or 10-year anniversary.

Whatever options you choose in building your own engagement ring, you can be assured that it will indeed be as unique as the relationship it celebrates — and without needing to pay for 12 months of collaboration with an acclaimed jewelry designer.