What Is a Three-Stone Ring?

If you’re thinking about choosing an engagement ring that’s a bit more unusual than the typical diamond solitaire, the three-stone ring is a great option.

When choosing a ring that represents and celebrates the love you share, lots of things come into play. Obviously, you want to choose a ring that you’ll both love; one that fits the bride’s style as well as your budget.

While many couples go for the tried-and-true diamond solitaire, there are those who want to explore other ring styles, and among those styles is the popular and chic three-stone engagement ring.

Tell a story

The three-stone ring can hold more and different meaning than the traditional solitaire, and has the ability to tell a story. Many couples choose this ring because to them, the three stones represent “past, present and future.” Alternately, the ring can symbolize “friendship, love and fidelity.” If you are a couple who wants to have deeper, more personal meaning in your engagement ring choice, the three-stone engagement ring just may be for you.

Make a statement

If the bride wants to stand out from the crowd a bit more, or she is a romantic who wants her ring to tell the story of your love, the three-stone ring should be on your radar. The three-stone engagement ring creates options for creativity in designing the perfect symbol of your lasting commitment.

For instance, though most couples choose diamonds for all three of the stones in a three-stone ring, the side stones could be virtually any stones you like or that hold meaning for you. If the bride loves blue, sapphires may be the perfect choice for side stones. The birthstones of the both the bride and groom (or of the month you’re getting married) are also meaningful options for side stones.

Keep within your budget

If you have a set budget for the engagement ring, the three-stone ring may be a great (and still gorgeous!) option for you. If you select gemstones for the surrounding stones, they are typically less expensive than three diamonds would be, but the result can be just as stunning. Also, if you select three diamonds that add up to, say, two carats of total weight, you’ll generally have a beautiful and personalized engagement ring for less than you would spend for a single 2-ct. diamond.

Keep all of these points in mind when shopping for your engagement ring. If you are considering a three-stone engagement ring, decide if fits the bride’s style, your ring budget, and what meaning the three stones would hold for you as a couple. You may find that the enduring symbol of your true love comes in threes.