Talking Watches With Spike Feresten

If you know comedy or if you know cars, you know Spike Feresten. Spike has been a mainstay of the American comedy scene for upwards of two decades – getting his start as the receptionist at Saturday Night Live (where he earned the nickname “Spike”) before becoming a regular writer for SNL, focusing heavily on the then Dennis Miller-hosted Weekend Update. He would go on to write for Late Night With David Letterman and eventually end up as the author of several of the most iconic episodes of the most iconic sitcom in history. I’m talking about Seinfeld, and Spike’s episodes include “The Soup Nazi,” “The Wig Master,” and “The Muffin Tops,” just to name a few. Like I said, iconic.

Spike Feresten watches

He penned eight different episodes over the course of three years, many of which live on in the public vernacular. From there, he went on to create The Michael Richards Show and even hosted his own talk show on Fox for three years. Spike currently hosts Car Matchmaker on the Esquire Network, where quite often, you can spot some of the watches in his collection. And that’s because he’s a serious watch lover. This is your official HODINKEE Talking Watches with comedian and car guy Spike Feresten.

Spike Feresten watch collection

TAG Heuer 2000

Spike Feresten Tag Heuer

This 1990s TAG Huer was the first “nice” watch Spike purchased.

TAG Heuer in the 1990s was a very special thing – it marked the entry point into luxury watches for more than a generation. The first watch that Spike purchased – doing so with the money he made as a writer for Late Night with David Letterman – was this TAG Heuer 2000. 

Rolex Daytona 116500LN

Spike Feresten Rolex Daytona

The new ceramic Daytona is seeing a lot of wrist time these days.

A more recent purchase for Spike was the modern Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel and black dial, which he bought on his birthday this year (you’ll hear him mention throughout the interview that he’s purchased many pieces on his birthday). It’s a watch that’s hard to fault, and Spike says it could very well be an exit watch for him. If you see Spike on air these days, there’s a good chance he’ll be wearing this watch.

Rolex Daytona 6263

Spike Feresten Rolex Daytona 6263

This 6263 silver dial was purchased by Spike when his TV show was picked up by Fox.

While his modern Daytona is getting a lot of wrist time at present, this 6263 with silver dial is one that is a mainstay of Spike’s collection. He purchased the watch originally when his show on Fox was picked up for its third season – and there’s just something about a manually wound Daytona with silver dial.

Tudor Snowflake Submariner Issued To The French Marine Nationale

Spike Feresten Tudor Sub

This Tudor Snowflake is actually a Marine Nationale Sub with original Decom papers.

Imagine beating the Tudor Sub craze by a good decade – because that’s just what Spike did. And he did so – in spades – by purchasing a killer blue Snowflake some years back from Los Angeles watch scene stalwart Ken Jacobs at Wanna Buy A Watch. Did I mention the watch is a Marine Nationale Sub and came with original decommission papers? He bought the watch on his birthday, the year his talk show was picked up by Fox for the first year. Great story, and the watch? Yup, it’s a killer. 

Rolex GMT Master 2

Spike Feresten Rolex GMT

A modern GMT-Master is one of the most versatile and easy-to-wear watches out there.

As with his new Daytona, sometimes you just need a watch that is easy to wear and works without any issues – his ceramic bezel GMT-Master certainly fits that description and it gets a lot of wrist time.

Nike Metal Drill (And Metal Drill Prototype!)

Spike Feresten Nike Metal Drill

All watch guys have a weird obsession – and the Nike Metal Drill is Spike’s.

I’d venture to bet that most of you have never heard of the Nike Metal Drill – I hadn’t before I met Spike. The Metal Drill is a basic fitness tracking watch that he first purchased with a pair of sneakers some years back. He’s ended up buying a bunch of these small digital watches, even setting up an eBay alert for the watch. One day an alert came in saying someone had listed the actual Metal Drill prototype (because that’s a thing?) and naturally, Spike bought it. I think it’s safe to say Spike Feresten is the eminent collector of Nike Metal Drill watches on the planet.

Autodromo Prototipo Nero Chronograph

Spike Feresten Autodromo

The Autodromo Prototipo was seen throughout season two of Car Matchmaker.

The Autodromo Prototipo, a black racing chronograph, can be seen throughout much of season two of Car Matchmaker. Spike is a fan of what the young brand does, saying it’s just a fun watch to put on when you get in your car and drive – and it brings as much joy as many of the most expensive watches he owns, when he’s behind the wheel.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black

Spike Feresten Tudor Black Bay Black

This watch was purchased for season three of Car Matchmaker.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay was Spike’s season three watch on Car Matchmaker and again, simple is best here. This is a watch in whose company Spike has clocked a lot of miles.

A Handful Of Heuer Autavias

Spike Feresten Heuer Autavia

The Autavia in Siffert colors is the official watch of Spike’s group of car friends.

Like any car guy worth his salt, Spike has a thing for old Heuer chronographs – in particular the Autavias. This manually-wound early ’70s Autavia in Siffert colors is one Spike has worn a lot, and indeed, when he wore it on an episode of Car Matchmaker, he quickly ended up on OnTheDash, which he was very excited about (for more on OnTheDash, the last episode of Talking Watches featured its founder Jeff Stein). The Siffert-style Autavia is a favorite among Spike’s group of driving buddies, and his friend Jerry Seinfeld himself has been spotted wearing a Siffert Autavia over the years, most recently in the original 2012 promotion for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and even before in this old school 2009 commercial for Hewlett-Packard (no judgement on the ‘Dink-circa-2009 vibe pls ??).

Spike Feresten Tag Heuer
Nice self-winding Orange Boy.

Spike Feresten Heuer Autavia Viceroy

A minute condition Viceroy Autavia.

While the Siffert is certainly the automatic Autavia to have, it’s not the only one in Spike’s collection. He owns an incredibly mint Viceroy and lovely Orange Boy as well. He makes a point to put them all on Corfam straps and Heuer signed buckles, because of course.

Heuer Carrera Re-Issue, In Both White And Black

Spike Feresten Heuer Carrera
This watch was purchased new during Spike’s second season on Seinfeld.

Spike Feresten Heuer Carrera

He later bought the same watch with black dial, because you kinda have to.

Now it’s not just Autavias that Spike has on the Heuer side of things. This Carrera re-edition (white dial) he bought new in the 1990s to celebrate his second season writing for Seinfeld. He later purchased the black dial because, well, he just kinda had to.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Spike Feresten Omega Speedmaster

Every watch guys must have a Speedmaster, Spike included.

A modern Speedmaster Professional, as we all know, is just a must for a watch guy. And of course, the Speedmaster is (now and forever) a space watch in general, and the Moon Watch especially, but considering its origins as one of the earliest chronographs designed specifically with racing in mind, it makes sense in Spike’s collection.

Rolex Submariner 1680

Spike Feresten Rolex Submariner

Who doesn’t hate a non-quick-set date?

This is the only Rolex Sub in Spike’s collection and its the cause of great curiosity for me not because the watch itself is curious, but because of what it causes Spike to do. He hates the non-quick-set date, which I completely get, but instead of putting in on a winder, just dismissing the date window, or you know, just dealing with setting the date, he actually doesn’t wear the Submariner 1680 until the one day of the month rolls around that matches what it reads. Does anyone else do that with any regularity? I’m genuinely curious.


The watches above are just some of the pieces we spoke about from Spike’s wide-ranging collection of watches, but there are so many more. Below is a small gallery of some of his other pieces that we got to see that day in Santa Monica. 

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For more on Spike’s latest project, Car Matchmaker on Esquire, click here. Be sure to follow Spike on Instagram here, too.

Video: Will Holloway