Introducing The F.P. Journe Automatique Réserve And Octa Automatique Lune With The New Havana Brown Dials

F. P. Journe has just introduced a new dial, dubbed “Havana,” for the Octa Automatique Réserve And The Octa Automatique Lune. The color is a result of mixing ruthenium (a platinum group metal) with gold, to produced a dial with a rich, warm brown color that shifts in apparent depth of color and saturation as the light changes. 

“Havana” is an obvious reference to the brown hue of the dials, although depending on how the light hits them they can seem anywhere from a darker coffee hue, to a lighter, almost milk chocolate tone.

Octa Automatique Réserve Havana Dial and Octa Automatique Lune

Octa Automatique Lune Havana Dial

Right now, the new dial color (made by Journe’s dial maker, Les Cadraniers de Genève) is being reserved for these two models only. Both watches are the same dimensions as existing models (40mm in diameter) and offered in a platinum case.

Octa Automatique Lune oblique dial

Octa Automatique Lune moonphase closeup

The idea behind the Octa line was to create a self-winding movement capable of supporting a variety of complications. One of the most interesting features of the Octa line is that the movement and complications are designed so that no matter the incorporated complication, the dimensions stay the same: 30mm x 5.7mm. The stated power reserve is 120 hours although of course, the watch has a longer theoretical running time, in order to ensure that balance amplitude is still high enough at the end of running time for good rate stability. 

 In order to fill these requirements, the Octa caliber 1300.3 uses a fairly large mainspring barrel; the balance is 10.1mm in diameter and is free-sprung, with a flat balance spring (an overcoil balance spring adds height and is generally inconsistent with making a flatter movement. Currently, the Octa collection offers a range of different complications, including a power reserve, UTC, moonphase, and even a perpetual calendar and rather remarkably even the perpetual calendar fulfills the intention of keeping variations in movement height to a minimum, at only 5.20mm in thickness.  

Octa Automatique Reserve  Havana Dial

journe octa caliber 1300

Octa Automatique Reserve Havana Dial closeup

Both watches can also be had on a platinum bracelet. On a strap, as shown, the Octa Automatique Réserve in platinum is $44,600 and the Octa Automatique Lune in platinum is $49,100; it’s a great new look for these technically very interesting wristwatches.

See the entire Octa collection at F. P. Journe online.