Custom Gold Chihuahua Ring by Daphna Simon#LoveGold

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Daphna Simon’s love for animals has a heavy influence on her jewelry line. With an exotic name like Untamed Jewels, Daphna’s most popular designs showcase animals like regal elephants, superior leopards, and bold grizzly bears. What you may not know is that she has been designing different dog breeds as rings and pendants for those who love their dog and want a sentimental piece to represent him or her. I had to have a chihuahua ring to commemorate the new addition to the family–Frankie! So, Daphna custom created a 14k yellow gold Chihuahua ring, with “Chiefy & Frankie” engraved on the inside of the ring–representing my two babies!

We welcomed Chiefy into our family in July of 2012. He came from a local breeder about 30 minutes from where we live and was the last left amongst two different litters. His baby brother didn’t make it, he was too tiny. His mother was a gorgeous long hair and his dad was a chubby bug-eyed chihuahua that looked crazy! We had named him Chiefy before we even met him–the name came from an episode of Hoarders, a show Matt & I watched all the time when we first started dating. Of course the episode involved a man who hoarded cats and his favorite was named Chiefy–we promised each other that our first pet would have this name, it was hilarious and so cute. Chiefy quickly became the love of our lives and the center of attention! It was only a few months ago that we started to realize that Chiefy followed us around a little too much, whined for us to pick him up and hold him, and would cry when we would leave the room. Seemed like the perfect time to get him a playmate!

I found Frankie on from a breeder in Missouri. We wanted basically the opposite of Chiefy, so long-haired and any color besides white. When Frankie’s picture came up, I immediately fell in love. When we saw his birthdate, we knew it was a sign–Frankie’s birthday is April 3rd (same as my father’s) and Chiefy’s birthday is April 15th (same as Matt’s father’s). I highly believe in weird coincidences and numbers, so I was all about it. When Frankie flew in from Missouri, I was anxiously tracking both his flights and it was surreal to finally get to hold him. We named him after my great uncle Frank who had very recently passed away–someone who was at every birthday party I ever had. Although Chiefy & Frankie didn’t get along very well at first, it took about a week for them to become best of friends. Now they sleep cuddled up together, have early morning play-fights, and love chasing each other around. I know they will be forever friends/brothers.

If you are wanting a gold version of your furry friend, Daphna Simon makes ALL dog breeds, including a chihuahua, Chinese crested, French bulldog, pit bull and also cats! They can be custom made to fit your finger and in your choice of 14k or 18k yellow gold. You can also get your ring engraved, like I did–which I highly recommend. The ring was special in its own right, but with the added engraving, I had tears in my eyes when I opened it up!

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