4 Reasons to Choose James Allen Jewelers For Your Purchase

#1 – Listings With Real Videos And Photos

James Allen has a myriad of diamonds and settings to offer. With so many items available, you might expect to see generic illustrations or stock images with tags like “your diamond of choice looks like this, it only has a smaller table and has less flaws”.

That is not what you get: James Allen has every single item photographed and captured in high definition video. This enables you to examine your purchase with ease and far greater details than you would even in a physical store. You know you are working with a trustworthy business when you not only see the positive attributes of the stones but also the inclusions. They show everything.



By default, you will see an image taken of the diamond at 10X magnification. With their new imagery and video system, it is now possible to glean details that wasn’t possible for shoppers to determine with a jeweler’s loupe.

So, What Does This Mean to You?

It means that you would be able to pick ‘eye clean’ diamonds in the SI clarity grades and don’t have to pay a premium for diamonds with higher clarity grades!

si1 diamonds comparison with different shapes

Diamonds #1 & #2 are both ideal cut rounds and are graded as SI1 clarity by AGS. Which would you pick?
The importance of photography applies to choosing fancy shaped diamonds like examples #3 & #4 too.

Seeing is believing. Try out the features at JamesAllen.com yourself and experience the difference.

#2 – James Allen is A Stunning Jewelry Customizer

If you think about it, what is the typical interaction with the jeweler when you enter a local store? You probably have a basic idea of what you want and get him/her to show you what they have in store. In fact, the general shopping behavior exhibited by a consumer is to walk into a store without performing any prior research at all.

Most people will simply leave technical details to the jeweler’s recommendation. In my opinion, this is not a good idea at all. One common mistake is to blindly go along with what the jeweler says and what they have in their inventory at that point in time.

By doing so, you are limiting the variety of diamonds you can choose from and also constraining yourself to limited ring designs. More importantly, how do you really know the particular diamond you are getting is the best that your money can get you?

At James Allen, you have the tools to deal with all these kinds of situations.


virtual loupe technology for consumers

high definition 3d viewer for your proposal ring




With 3D rendering technology, you can easily create your own customized ring and visualize the finished product instantly! With simple tweaks, you can fine tune details until you are completely satisfied.

#3 – Always-on Customer Support – 24/7

James Allen gets that not everybody is a gemologist or have the same level of understanding about jewelry. If you are a first time shopper, you can easily be confused by jargon words such as “scintillation” or “clarity”. Other times, you might have some burning questions that you need immediate answers to.

The great thing is that JamesAllen.com has specialists online 24/7 to offer support. All of them ready to respond to your questions within minutes and help you out with any problems you have.

#4 – Significantly Lower Prices Compared to Anywhere Else

Money talks, and money left in your pocket is saying sweet words to you

When a business is large and running efficiently, it can lower operating costs and improve bottom lines. Under such a scenario, both vendor and consumers enter a win-win situation since the consumers benefit from lower prices and the vendor gets more business.

Based on my extensive shopping experience, I can assure you JamesAllen will always be able to set better prices than what you can find in your local jewelry shops. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for this. Go take a walk around the malls and compare the stark differences in prices yourself.

On the following page, we went undercover and posed as customers to test out JamesAllen.com’s services. Find out how they fared in our mystery shopping test…