Conclusion of Our James Allen Diamonds Review

All in all, James Allen is my recommended service for anyone buying diamond jewelry online. What really set them apart is the 360° high resolution videos found in every diamond listing and their impeccable customer service. also has a very intuitive search interface which makes browsing and navigation really easy. Another feature I find particularly useful is the ability to compare shortlisted diamonds in a side-by-side manner.

comparison tool for side by side analysis

You can quickly get an overview and narrow down a diamond of your choice easily.

Another advantage of shopping at James Allen is that you can make your selections rationally instead of making impulsive decisions under pressure-selling or exaggerated lighting conditions found in retail stores.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Shopping at James Allen?

You might ask, what’s on the dark side of the moon? It can’t all be glitter and flowers. One of the “negative” aspects of online jewelry purchases is obvious: you are not able to see and touch the stones in person. That is part of the deal.

However, JamesAllen stands out from the other online vendors with it’s revolutionary Diamond Display” technology that helps consumers SEE diamonds. More importantly, their support staffs have the interest of the consumer at heart when they perform diamond reviews in an objective manner.

examine your jewelry under high scrutiny

You can examine your jewelry in far greater scrutiny than anywhere else

The other point I want to highlight is that is a popular site with lots of daily visitors. And as a result of the huge amount of traffic they receive, their inventory turnover rate is extremely high. I know this may sound a little weird but sometimes, it could be a little hard to buy the perfect diamond you want. I’ll explain why in a moment…

What’s a Typical Process Flow a Consumer Undergoes?

Based on my interactions with readers, I can share with you how the majority of people tend to shop. A typical shopping process involves using some predetermined parameters to filter down the available inventory.

Thereafter, more browsing windows will be opened to view the remaining diamonds and to perform comparisons. Eventually, a few diamonds will make it to a final shortlist and most shoppers don’t immediately hit the buy button at this point.

That’s both a good and bad thing in my opinion.

The good thing is that you avoid making impulsive decisions especially if you aren’t 100% sure about your choices. The bad thing is that when you finally make up your mind and want to hit the “buy” button, you might be disappointed to find out the diamond is already on hold for another buyer.

Unfortunately, that happens frequently to great diamonds since many other consumers often end up with similar choices. When this happens, you might have to go back to square one to re-pick another stone.

On this note, the vendor cannot really be blamed for that. This is how the diamond business works. It’s first come first serve and unless you explicitly expressed your interest in acquiring the stone, the next shopper that comes along could just snap it up in a jiffy.

Here’s my advice: Once you have your eye on a diamond, it is best to contact the live chat support or call in to make a “reservation” even if you need more time to sit on a decision. After all, making a reservation doesn’t cost you anything and you can always cancel it at anytime. Offers Far More Benefits Than Physical Stores

pressure selling tactics in jewelry stores

Pressure Selling By Sales People?

viewing at your own leisure

Videos & Tools to Help You Analyze a Diamond?

Would you rather be hassled in a store or shop online at your own pace and make the correct decisions?

When it comes to a huge purchase, I would choose the later. If you think about it, James Allen has a smart business model by helping customers make the best purchase possible. Everyone wins in this scenario. If the customer is satisfied with the purchase, the online store reduces the probability of having their diamonds returned and in the process, incur re-stocking fees.

As a consumer, you don’t have to worry about your purchase where it doesn’t meet expectations and can shop with a peace of mind. Besides offering you all the data needed for an informed purchase, their generous return policies puts you at zero risk.

You see, James Allen’s business model is made for the long haul and they want to make you a long term customer. So, what does this mean? Besides a unique selection of rings, their level of customer service and personal touch is second to none. Remember, you will get a 30-days FULL money back guarantee (most sites only allow 30 days) to make sure you are totally satisfied with a purchase.

Try out yourself and you’ll see why they are winning the hearts of customers and earning raving reviews they rightfully deserve.