James Allen Review

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jamesallen.com review

JamesAllen.com – A Rising Star

Over the years, e-commerce has become part of our everyday lives. We order books and clothing online. We use mobile apps to order pizzas and even book theater tickets on the web. However, when it comes to making larger purchases, we naturally tend to be skeptical.

Started back in 1998, the JamesAllen.com store was one of the pioneers of jewelry e-commerce. With more than 10 years projected over the development of their online store, they can actually be considered a succession of a number of generations.

When even one or two year old businesses can be worldwide successes and change the way people use the Internet, we should really reevaluate our skepticism regarding online jewelries. If you think about it, Facebook is one of the most popular sites that people use every day and they are only seven years old.

Do you remember life before Google? Not really? Well, think about this: JamesAllen.com is just as old as Google is and they had come a long way in establishing themselves in the market with their revolutionary concept of buying diamonds online. It is my belief they will be the benchmark that sets the standard for diamond buying and selling in future.

What’s the Big Deal? Isn’t JamesAllen.com Just Like Any Other Jeweler?

When it comes to spending thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on an important purchase, it’s no wonder that many people cringe at the thought of buying a proposal ring online. Why so? Most of the Internet purchases we make are often done ‘sight unseen’. This means that you have no idea how your item would look like until it’s at your doorstep.

For a long time running, that was how diamonds were bought online. And for the record, that’s the prehistoric way of doing things. It’s the year 2013 at the point of writing this review. And sadly, these old business models are still prevalent at the majority of online jewelry stores.

JamesAllen.com changes all that.

Check out their latest video technology that captures all the details of a diamond in high resolution.

Believe it or not, this gives consumers the ease of examining a diamond in details far greater than what a traditional brick and mortar jeweler can offer.

Besides having a concise educational library of resources for the consumer, they also address and overcome many of the Internet shopping stigmas through the implementation of modern technology.

Here’s a Brief Summary of James Allen’s Website Features:


– Real diamond videos in high definition
– Magnified diamond photographs: See your diamond like a jeweler
– 3D engagement ring setting visualizer
– Intuitive diamond search tool
– Build Your Own Ring
– 24/7 customer support service
– Free engraving with laser inscribing
– 100% full refund within 30 days
– Free returns (JA will pay for the return shipping within USA)
– Lifetime warranty on your jewelry purchase


As we dive deeper into our review, I will start off by offering more insights about the features offered by James Allen. This is followed by an account of a real life shopping experience at JamesAllen.com as we take you through the complete process of selecting and buying a diamond.